Glam Slam: #mommyfail?

I enjoyed reading that Kate and William are trying to keep Prince George’s life as normal as possible, even getting him simple wooden blocks for his birthday!

This down-to-earth approach is a refreshing change and a far cry from the big ticket life so many in the public eye lead these days, like the Kardashians celebrating North’s first birthday in June with a huge “Kidchella” themed party for hundreds of guests.

It also made me think about Jennifer Lopez and her 6-year-old daughter Emme wearing matching pastel outfits during Paris Fashion Week. Emme even rocks her own Gucci bag! I think Jennifer and her daughter look adorable and I know how much my daughter likes to try on my clothes and wear my things, which is pretty typical of most girls. But it’s an interesting situation.

When that photo came out, one of the moms here at work replied #mommyfail. She told me she was kinda, sorta kidding, but admits that with the circles we travel in here in Los Angeles, we are exposed to a lot of high end things.

She told me about a kid's birthday party she went to and how and all the moms and kids had on designer clothing. She also mentioned that her own daughter has received Armani and Burberry designer clothing as gifts. We bonded over the fact that our kids clothes come from the Gap and Target and instead of a Gucci bag, her daughter gets one from the dollar section!

If I had the money, maybe I too would throw a “Kidchella” sized party or if I was invited to sit front row at a fashion show, why not let the designer dress my daughter. I’m not judging… I’ve never walked in those (designer!) shoes.

The bigger issue is how do the rest of us not in that stratosphere avoid feeling like a #mommyfail or a #daddyfail? Social media has changed all the rules and it’s easy to fall into the rut of comparing ourselves to the stars and their seemingly “perfect” lives. How can we possibly measure up? We can’t and we never will.

Social media makes it easier than ever to want to keep up with the Joneses (and the Kardashians) and harder for real people to keep it real. But let’s all give it the college try anyway.

No more #mommyfail.

-- Ryan Patterson

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