Glam Slam: Mom’s Mini Model

My 21-month-old, Harlow, made her “runway” debut on today’s Access Hollywood Live. “The Biggest Loser’s” Alison Sweeney was on our set to host a children’s Halloween costume fashion show and all the “models” were kids of people who work here at Access Hollywood. Alison’s two adorable kids joined in too! So fun for all of us proud parents! CLICK HERE for a photo gallery of all the cute kids!

Harlow got to dress as Belle from Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast.” Such a cute outfit. It took two of us to get her in it! She’s at the stage where she is very picky about her clothes and did not want to put on the dress, much less the matching tiara. She did, however, love the Belle wand, which lights up.

Other costumes included an assortment of Disney princesses and Warner Bros. superheroes like Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman. Access Hollywood Live co-host, Kit Hoover’s, two girls were also in the fashion show as Dorothy and Glinda the Good Witch from “The Wizard of Oz.” Both kids hammed it up and seemed to love being in front of the camera. Hmmm… wonder where they got that from?

Before the show started, Harlow explored our set… or should I say, she nearly destroyed it- ha! She’s obsessed with balloons and wanted to take all of the balloons that were decorations. I don’t know how the pumpkins on set survived because she wanted to pick them all up. She loved all the monitors on the set too and learned to say a new word…“camera.” Some of the older kids were pampered by our hair and makeup team.

It was fun and a very different vibe to have a dozen or so kids on the set. Our green room was stocked with apple juice boxes, string cheese sticks, Goldfish Crackers and other kid-friendly snacks. Animated movies helped keep them entertained until show time, but only so much. It’s hard for that many kids to sit still for 30 seconds, much less wait for a shoot to begin!

In an earlier meeting, I laughed when someone warned that the models were just regular kids, not professionals. Hello! They’re two years old- they’re kids! I don’t care if you’re a “professional” model or not. With kids, it is always going to be unpredictable which is the beauty of the whole thing… you get organic, “unscripted” moments.

There was the child who didn’t want to give a spin and show off the costume and another kid cried. My own child was more interested in the smoke machine behind us than actually looking at the camera. But in the end, those “real” moments are what you remember. Happy Halloween!

You can get the costumes featured in our show at Disney Stores nationwide and at

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