Glam Slam: Mostly Missed Out On Missoni

Forget “going, going, gone.” How about gone from the get go!

The Missoni for Target collection debuted today and went like that.

My husband Richard, God Bless him, stayed up all night trying to get online to order the highly coveted collection for me. When it finally came up online around 3:30 am pst. we started to order and already things were sold out. Then the site crashed. We got nada. The site was down for hours and then every time I tried to order, it would crash again.

On the way to work my husband stopped by the store. Already everything was gone. He found a couple of things for our daughter, but not much luck. I didn’t have much luck either going to a more “suburban” Target. There were two pairs of size 11 shoes left, no women’s clothes at all, and the homewares section was completely bare.

I was able to get a couple of things for our daughter, but in general, the store was wiped out. There were very aggressive women with carts FULL of stuff, so it was pretty competitive to get anything. People were practically begging them to share since they were pretty much buying anything they could fit in their baskets. Big bummer!

My co-worker Ashley said her mom reported that Orange County stores were sold out too. When my husband looked online this morning, there were already more than 2500 items on ebay.

Luckily, my friend Angella in Miami was able to buy quite a few things at a store there this morning. She was nice enough to offer the things she isn’t going to keep, so at least I will get a couple of things!

Oh the price one has to pay to look fashionable these days…even if it is Target prices!

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