Glam Slam: My Chanel Chic Night

Last night Hollywood got a lotta love from Chanel with the premiere of “Coco Before Chanel” starring Audrey Tautou, as the famed French designer. The movie follows Chanel’s life from her humble beginnings in a French orphanage and shows the struggles she went through trying to start her own business in a time when women didn’t work. It’s very good and Audrey nails it.

She told us she was very excited about the premiere, because it was her first in the States and she wanted to see how people would react to the film. No worries there, the movie was very well received with everyone giving it a big applause at the end.

Audrey revealed that she was nervous to play Coco, but she learned a lot about how simplicity can take you very far. She loved how Coco’s style was so simple and elegant while the other women were into wearing flowers and lace.

Interestingly, Audrey chose to wear head-to-toe Lanvin to the premiere. (huh? Quel Scandal!)

Then everyone made their way to the after party just down the street at the Chanel Boutique on Robertson. Foregoing the typical red carpet, Chanel went with signature black and white.

It was a sea of Chanel wearing fashionistas, naturally. Even the guys worked it. One dapper dude wore a signature Camellia flower on his suit, another pinned a huge double C logo on his jacket. Somehow it worked.

What to wear to a Chanel party when your closet isn’t exactly overflowing with Chanel is a big dilemma! My co-worker Susan, who was also going to the party, asked me beforehand would I be wearing Chanel. Ha! I told her the best I could do would be accessorizing with Chanel and wore my new-ish black quilted bag that I actually bought on Father’s Day in June, when I dragged my poor husband into the boutique!

Audrey changed into a silver Chanel mini for the event. (Wow - is she skinny!) She and her entourage arrived fashionably late to the party, of course! It was a beautiful, balmy So Cal night and she and her group hit the crowded patio where everyone was enjoying champagne.

Audrey danced to Michael Jackson’s PYT, obviously the belle of the ball. Mademoiselle Chanel would have loved it all.

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