Glam Slam: Nicola Peltz’s Red Carpet Hair - Get The Look

Nicola Peltz is smokin’ hot and social media is going crazy over the 19-year-old "Transformers: Age of Extinction" star.

On a media blitz for the film, she’s been constantly heating up the red carpet and the Tokyo premiere was no exception thanks to her plunging bright orange Prada gown.

Celebrity hair stylist Adir Abergel created a graphic off-the-shoulder style for Nicola, which was inspired by the lines and movement of the dress. Adir accentuated the look with a deep-sided part perfectly in balance with the architecture of the dress.

Nicola Peltz attends the Japan premiere of ‘Transformers : Age Of Extinction’ at the Toho Cinemas Nihonbashi on July 28, 2014 in Tokyo, Japan (Getty)

Here are Adir’s tips for how to achieve this sleek style…


  1. To start this sleek style the texture of the hair must be shiny, healthy and reflective.
  2. Wash hair and use a hair mask to help moisturize the follicles and enhance the shine.
  3. Once hair is towel dried apply a defrizzing oil and create a deep part. The secret to this parting is going back at a diagonal rather than a straight line. This will create a beautiful angle to this style. Make sure the parting is severe to give it the edge.
  4. Rough dry the hair making sure to not change the parting until the hair is 100 percent dry.
  5. Once hair is dry, take sections of hair and flat iron to create a very sleek shiny texture.
  6. Take both the front sections of the hair, making sure the deep side part is clean and smooth, Adir pulled it into a very low ponytail at the nape. This is the key step to achieving this look. Having the front of the hair stay tight off the face will make this look modern.
  7. Secure into a low ponytail and allow the rest of the hair from the crown back to fall over the ponytail section. The ponytail should not be noticeable and must be anchored at the lowest part of the neck.
  8. Finish with two easy last steps... Spray hairspray on a toothbrush and brush down the flyways so that the hairline is perfect. The second is use a hair oil spray to seal the style.
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