Glam Slam: NY Style State Of Mind

I am in NYC while Access Hollywood Live is on location this week….here I am with last night’s “Dancing with the Stars” winners, Meryl and Maks!

They were on our set bright and early this morning with their mirrorball trophies — so much fun! As I mentioned on Tuesday, this is my first trip to NYC in more than five years and there is nothing I love more than people watching.

Every sidewalk is a runway! It’s nice to see so many women dressed up and it’s a little bit of a wake-up call for me — after all, I do call the capitol of casual chic home! So many people look professional, polished and pretty!

I’ve been a little surprised by how many people are still wearing leather jackets- it’s been warm the past couple of days. I liked this woman’s sassy look- leather jacket, jean shorts and high heels.

Stylish shoes in NYC! (Access Hollywood)
(Access Hollywood)

With shower shoes on-trend, I was expecting to see them everywhere here…they’ve become quite popular in Los Angeles. So far, I have not seen much in the way of that…but sneakers are still everywhere. Practical and stylish, and there are so many cute pairs of slides, why not?

I also love how the fashion changes depending on where you are in town. As we worked our way up Fifth Avenue, the fashion got a little more high-end as we saw women with bags from Hermes, Barneys and Bergdorfs. Nice to live vicariously through them!

Tropical florals are quite popular and I’ve seen a few women in all ages rocking floral jumpsuits, which is a fun look. I wasn’t sure I could pull off this look, but I’ve been inspired! And that’s the thing about New York… just walking outside will inspire you in so many ways.

-- Ryan Patterson

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