Glam Slam: Old Feels New

At work the other day, someone complimented me on my shoes. I had to chuckle to myself. The shoes — pink and brown snakeskin Prada loafers — are really old. I got them on sale in 2004. That’s ancient history in fashion years. The thing is, not only are the shoes old, I also hadn’t worn them in five years. They just sat in my closet, collecting dust. For some reason, as I was searching my closet frantically at 5:30 in the morning looking for shoes to wear, I spontaneously threw them on. And I fell in love with these oldies but goodies all over again.

Anthony, one of my coworkers, also complimented the shoes. “Aren’t those in style again?” he asked when I told him how old they are. “I’ve seen Diane Kruger wearing something similar recently and she’s always fashion forward.” Hmmm… That’s a good sign. I’m not completely out of style!

If I listened to all those closet organizers who tell you edit! Edit! Edit and get rid of unworn clothes, I would be missing out on rediscovering allot of oldies but goodies. The gold linen J.Crew jacket from a couple of years back. The cognac Chloe Paddington bag just taking up room on the shelf. Six-year-old Chanel sandals I grabbed at the last minute to wear to a wedding. I am creating outfits based on clothes that haven’t see the light of day in ages and giving them a fresh look by wearing them in new ways with new accessories.

To be completely honest, the whole concept of “shopping your closet’ doesn’t sound that appealing to me. If money were no object, who wouldn’t want to have new clothes to wear all the time? But very few of us have that luxury. I myself have been buying less recently for a couple of reasons. Having a child, for one. I also have less time to shop and less money to spend on myself. Of course, the economy is a big factor affecting so many people and I’ve cut back too because it’s just the financially smart thing to do.

Remember the “It’s New To You” campaign that ran on NBC promoting the network’s reruns? The whole point was that the episode may not be new, but it is if you haven’t seen it! Right now, I’m having my own “It’s New To You” wardrobe moment!

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