Glam Slam: Pool Party Ready — Last Minute Tips For A Flatter Stomach

Been hitting lots of parties, cookouts and barbeques this summer?

If you’ve been indulging in all the yummy food, but still want to look great in your bikini, it’s not too late.

Celebrity pilates personal trainer Kit Rich, who trains Ke$ha, shares tips to achieve a flatter stomach…

Stop Eating Before You’re Full:
If you want to get rid of that pooch in your stomach, try to stop eating before you’re full. Chew slowly, and take your time. It takes roughly 10-20 minutes for your brain to register that you’re full. So make yourself a small plate, when finished, wait awhile and then decide if you need more food

Add Unsweetened Cranberry Juice To Your Water:
Unsweetened cranberry juice is a natural diuretic. So by adding it to your water, it helps to flush excessive fluids out of the body. Add one tbsp to each glass of water you drink and sip throughout the day.

Curb Your Sugar Cravings With Stevia:
I know how hard it is to have to resist sugar. Sometimes telling yourself you can’t have something makes you want it more! So instead of telling yourself you can’t have sugar, opt for Stevia instead. You can put a splash of it in iced tea! Stevia helps reduce sweet cravings, has 0 calories, and lessen hungers. It also helps regulate blood sugar levels. But be careful, it’s very strong in taste and extremely sweet. A little goes a long way.

Sweat It Out:
A great way to slim the stomach is trying high interval intensity training. Now don’t get scared. The intensity is different for everyone depending on the level of training. This type of training is where you alternate from high intensity training to low intensity rest periods. For instance, trying sprinting for 1 minute, huffing and puffing, and then walking it out for 2 minutes. Continue this for a total of 20 minutes. Or, if you don’t like running, take your treadmill to a high incline and walk at that incline for 1 minute, and then take the incline down for 2 minutes, and repeat for 30 minutes.

Kit is a top five finalist for Women’s Health Magazine “The Next Fitness Star.” You can vote for her at until August 5.

-- Ryan Patterson

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