Glam Slam: Recession… What Recession?

I had an awesome “only in Hollywood” experience the other day. I was in Beverly Hills with time to kill waiting for my daughter and husband, who were at a birthday party, and decided I would do something I rarely get to do these days: shop!

I had a one-hour window and was practically racing through the stores… until I hit the Neiman Marcus shoe department, where I stopped in my tracks.

I was fascinated by a mother-mother-daughter trio, who were shopping like there’s no tomorrow. Or no recession.

I noticed the young daughter first. She was probably all of 8 years old, wearing a very fancy and expensive all-sequin skirt. What was funny was her lugging around her mom’s gigantic Louis Vuitton sequined bag that you see in all the ads costing gazillions of dollars. The bag was almost as big as she was and when she carried it, it nearly touched the ground. Lots of sequins going on, so it was hard not to notice!

People were stopping them in the store to tell them how much they loved the bag and they seemed to enjoy the attention. Her mom, a bleach blonde with her hair in a fresh salon up-do, was all over the store trying on one expensive pair of shoes after another.

The mom was wearing some sort of white fur stole type thing that wrapped around her neck twice. She was wearing it with a tank top. Did I mention that it was about 90 degrees that day? Fur with a tank-top somehow seemed perfectly fitting though. She obviously has a flair for the dramatic!

Then, there was HER mother. An older lady, I would guess in her 60s or maybe even 70s, who was wearing tight Louis Vuitton animal print jeans. “Those are the ones, those are the ones,” she said to her daughter as she tried on yet another pair of heels.

I lingered in the shoe department for a little too long observing this family. I enjoyed watching them enjoy their shopping expedition and mother-daughter time as they all hung out together. And then I walked out the door and back into the real world — empty-handed.

-- Ryan Patterson

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