Glam Slam: Recycling Royal

Kate Middleton may now be the Duchess of Cambridge, but this former “commoner” isn’t letting the whole royal thing go to her head. She continues to prove that she really is “just like us,” especially when it comes to her very stylish wardrobe.

I already liked her for her impeccable taste and chic fashion sense. I liked her even more when it was revealed that she shops at affordable “high street” chain stores.

Now, Kate’s really won me over because, (gasp!) she recycles her outfits! Just like the rest of us “common” folks. In fact, this weekend, she did it not once, but twice! What girl doesn’t wear the same thing over and over again… apparently even a brand new duchess!

First, on Saturday she wore a fitted print dress when she attended a wedding with her sister Pippa. She also wore the dress to a London nightclub back in 2007. Yes, 2007!!!! My closet isn’t big enough to keep all my clothes from more than a couple of years ago.

Then on Sunday, Kate wore a blue Jacquard coat dress to a service in honor of Prince Philips 90th birthday. She had previously worn the jacket to a 2009 wedding.

The Duchess has access to all kinds of designers, but she’s got a thrifty, practical side. And she’s not the only royal recycling her wardrobe …the Queen herself is known to wear her favorite ensembles over and over.

Some have made a big deal of Kate repeating outfits, but that seems pretty petty to me. In this economy, I love a girl, who can look great no matter what the price tag is.

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