Glam Slam: Red My Lips

Cameron Diaz, Megan Fox and Lauren Conrad all rocked red lips at Sunday’s 2009 MTV Movie Awards. Angelina went crimson in Cannes. Red lips never go out of style, but the look takes work and it’s easy to get it wrong.

I thought LC’s red lips were too drastic, not classic. I got a second opinion from Joette Balsamo, a makeup artist at New York’s David Evangelista Salon at Spa Chakra on Fifth, who has worked with Jennifer Hudson, Becki Newton and Julianna Margulies.

“A few things went wrong here,” Joette says. “The lipstick is too dark and heavy in texture. She should have taken a cue from Megan and Cameron and chosen a brighter red for a young, fresh look. Her eye makeup and foundation also should have been toned down. Heavy eye makeup and foundation looks dated when paired with red lips.”

Don’t make the same mistakes! Print out Joette’s guide and you’ll never go wrong.


1. Keep the eye makeup soft and subtle. You don’t want the eyes and lips competing for attention. Take a cue from Cameron who looks glam, not stuffy by choosing a bright coral red and keeping the rest of her makeup soft.

2. Match the lip liner to the lipstick. Don’t go darker. Sketch the lip liner OVER the lipstick to get subtle definition.

3. Avoid applying heavy gloss over red. It will take your lips from classy to trashy and make your red lipstick wear off more quickly.

4. For Spring and Summer, choose bright classic reds - warm toned reds are softer and easier to wear than the bluer reds. Think of fresh fruit punch when choosing a red for Spring/Summer… not dark wine! Megan got her red right. She looks super sexy in bright warm red, which enhances her blue eyes as well as her lips.

5. Avoid heavy or cakey foundation. While this is never pretty, it’s particularly aging when paired with red lips.

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