Glam Slam: ‘Sex And The City 2’ Week — One-On-One With SJP!

Who is your fashion icon? Sarah Jessica Parker makes my top five, for sure… or would that be Carrie Bradshaw? The two are kind of intertwined when it comes to fabulous style. Sarah Jessica has said she would not be as daring with her own style had she not played Carrie.

As you would expect, Sarah Jessica looked amazing for her interview with Access Hollywood in her Proenza Schouler floral bubble dress topped with a pink blazer. Her shoes were custom made for her by British designer Nicholas Kirkwood. Billy Bush and SJP took a carriage ride around Central Park where he got all the ‘Sex’ scoop.

Billy Bush: How many wardrobe changes did you have in this movie?
Sarah Jessica Parker: Not enough, not enough. I think I have about 48. We started off with 60 and I think scenes were cut and scenes didn’t make it. So I think that between scenes being cut prior to shooting and us not being able to find a good enough reason to change clothes on camera, which is what I would do if they would let me, I think we end up in the high 40s. But I don’t have a current count.

BB: What’s your favorite outfit?
SJP: Well, there’s an outfit that they show in the trailer that I’m very fond of, because I think it’s archetypically Carrie, which is when Carrie runs into Aidan in the souk and I’m wearing an old, vintage J’Adore Dior t-shirt and the underpinnings of a Zac Posen dress, not the dress itself, but rather the petticoat. And a Zac Posen satin, like a hammered satin blouse to cover my shoulders, because we’re in the souk and that’s what’s expected. And a tourist bag from somewhere in the Middle East, just a plastic, beaded bag and a pair of Manolos that were made for the movie.

BB: Candace Bushnell just published ‘The Carrie Diaries’.
SJP: I just bought it online! Amazon. Just bought it myself.

BB: Who could you see playing the younger Carrie?
SJP: God, I don’t know, I don’t know. It breaks my heart, someone else is going to play Carrie. I must confess that I feel rather proprietary about the part. I’m sure there’s somebody who’s far better at doing it than I am, but it’s… gosh, I can’t imagine. But I will be generous of spirit and hand it over to her with grace.

BB: What is your favorite scene, sequence?
SJP: I love being on the camels. I loved it so much. I think I maybe loved it more than anybody else. Um, I loved being in the dunes of the Sahara, because it was maybe the most special part of this entire experience. To be honest, this movie was a very, very, special experience and it was the only and first time that the four of us have ever had the chance to live together. We’ve worked together for a lot of years and I didn’t always get to work with the women every day the way I got to work with the crew, but because we were so far away from home on a continent so far away and so different than our own lives and the cast and the crew, not only did we work together literally 18 and 24 hours a day, we took all our meals together, breakfast, lunch and dinner under a tent with the sun rising and setting over our location every day, in Morocco for 2 months, but I literally lived with Kim and Kristin and Cynthia for the 1st time ever. And I think… it was just… such a special, special time for us. And I can’t imagine having been there with anybody else. And we came away from it much, even more close than we’ve ever been & knowing each other even more. And I think really loving each other in an entirely new way.

BB: Personally, which character, out of the four do you most identify with now?
SJP: Not to be too strategic about things, but there are things that I definitely relate to Miranda and being conflicted about work sometimes and wanting to be all things to all people and missing out on certain things that maybe are unimportant to other people, but are very important to me. If you’re away and there’s a recital or there’s a science fair and you don’t get back in time or your flight is delayed or it was never going to happen, it’s a surprisingly awful feeling all day long. And it’s complicated to complain about it, because clearly it’s a choice to be a working person, but I also think that I’m a better parent because I’m a working person, so I really can relate to Miranda’s conflict.

‘Sex and The City 2’ opens this Thursday, May 27.

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