Glam Slam: SJP’s New Shoes

I was shopping at Nordstrom the other day when I saw a sign for an upcoming appearance of Sarah Jessica Parker to launch her new shoe line at the store. I immediately geeked out- should I go? I want to, but think I might embarrass myself too much! The SJP Collection is available starting today.

SJP doing her own shoe line. Seems like a no-brainer right? We asked Sarah Jessica Parker at a pop up preview of her collection in New York the obvious question: ‘What took so long?’

“What took me so long? I think is just putting the pieces together in a way that I knew, I really wanted,” she told us. “You know, building a shoe in Italy, revisiting the single sole, neutral colors, fit, comfort, quality. Those were really important to me, and until I could do it that way, I didn’t feel that it was honorable for me to do it any other way.”

SJP went to the best of the best to make her shoe fantasy a reality. She teamed up with Manolo Blahnik’s business partner George Malkemus for the Collection of Italian made shoes and bags (and even a trench coat!). Of course, thanks to playing Carrie Bradshaw in “Sex And The City,” the stiletto loving star is synonymous with gorgeous shoes, especially high, high heels.

“You won’t believe it coming from me, but comfort was a huge, huge, important issue for us, because I spent so many years, running in shoes,” Sarah Jessica says. “We were able to build into the shoe, this beautiful layer that sort of keeps you buoyant somehow and I think the more simple a shoe is, I think it’s hard to do to, because it can get bulky. This wonderful shoe maker in Tuscany does it in a beautiful way that doesn’t hurt the silhouette, but you feel it, I mean, the sales team today…many of them were saying, ‘They’re are so comfortable, they are so comfortable.’

And stylish! The SJP Collection features 25 different styles of shoes and the actress was totally hands on in every aspect of the process. “Oh, I don’t do anything any other way, I’m part of every single thing I do, I’m not somebody who gives a name and then doesn’t participate and then is shown the end product. I am there, I split the atom, that’s what I like to do and that’s important that, you know, I partner with somebody that wants that for me, but also that gives me an opportunity to learn more. If I step away from the process, what have I gotten out of it?”

Prices start at $195…far more accessible for a high-end shoe than most designer shoes, including those by her idol Manolo Blahnik. We had a little fun with the actress, asking her if Mr. Blahnik is jealous of her new line!

“Oh, he has nothing to be jealous about, no, no, no! He remains the king and a source of enormous inspiration for everybody for a long time and, he need not worry about me,” she laughed.

-- Ryan Patterson

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