Glam Slam: Spring Break(Out)

I love Spring and Summer, but boy can the change in temperature wreak havoc on my skin. The experts at New York’s Spa Chakra on Fifth (Penelope Cruz, Mandy Moore and Hilary Swank have been in for services) reveal how to avoid warm weather breakouts.

1. Exfoliate more frequently. It’s important to do this during Summer months as oil production and cell turnover are hyperactive. Stay away from chemical and acid peels, as use of these will make skin more susceptible to sunburn.

RYAN’S PICK: Right now I am loving ExfoliKate by LA skin maven, Kate Somerville. Made with papaya fruit enzymes, it works for all skin types and is perfect for my sensitive skin. At $85, it’s a luxury, but one jar goes a long way.

DIY: For a do-it-yourself scrub at home, Spa Chakra recommends using oatmeal, which has soothing properties and can be used to exfoliate.

Mask for dry and normal skin: 3 teaspoons oatmeal, 1 teaspoon powered milk, 1 teaspoon honey, 1 teaspoon of sunflower oil and 10 drops fresh cucumber juice.

Mix together and apply for 5-10 minutes, so it absorbs into skin. Rinse with warm water and finish with a light moisturizer.


2. Change to a lighter moisturizer and possibly a water based formula during the Summer months to prevent breakouts and excessive oil on the surface of the skin. Keep in mind you will be applying a sunscreen following application of the moisturizer, so you don’t want to overload your skin. If you have extremely oily skin, try skipping the moisturizer and opt for sunscreen only.

RYAN’S PICK: I have been using Kiehl’s Abyssine Cream + SPF 23, but with warmer weather here, it’s time to switch over to a lighter formula. Abyssine Lotion + SPF 15 or Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Moisturizer + SPF 15 work for many skin types.


3. Sunscreen should be used during all months of the year, but should be reapplied more frequently during prolonged sun exposure and be used ALL over the body, including the scalp. Regardless of the SPF, it is important to reapply every 3-4 hours to prevent sun damage and is particularly important to reapply more frequently when exposed to water or perspiration.

RYAN’S PICK: I have been using La Roche-Posay Anthelios Sunscreen for years - buying it in Europe before it was sold in the US. It’s light and non-greasy and since I have really fair skin I go for SPF 60. Go to for more information.

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