Glam Slam: Steal These Party Ideas

My husband, 2-year-old daughter, and I went to the most fab Halloween Party this weekend thrown by one of my co-workers, Joe, and his family.

Joe is the show’s Production Designer and is super creative. I watched as people walked around the party amazed and in awe of all the decor and asking Joe where he got this, where he got that…so I asked him if I could shares his ideas with you.

Stick this away in your save folder and bring it out next year for your own Halloween party, or just for fun decorating ideas.

Joe sent out wonderful Martha Stewart invites he got at Michaels, which were shaped like owls complete with moving wings. Once we arrived at the party, we were greeted by a friendly inflatable vampire coming out of his coffin in the front yard, which had been turned into a graveyard.

The focal point of the party was the island in the kitchen, which featured enough candy and treats to put Willy Wonka to shame. There were candy eyeballs, bags of candy “blood” hanging from the lights, candy teeth, candy apples, candy corn, gummy worms, homemade haystacks, and a cake decorated like a graveyard. They used all sorts of whimsical containers to display the tempting treats at varying heights. This is a unique way to serve food and make a big visual impact at the same time. What a conversation starter!

Joe lives in a gorgeous 1920s Spanish home and when you enter the house you are met with beautiful curving, circular stairs. Each step had it’s own decorated pumpkin…some were glitter pumpkins, others were painted various colors like black and white. Colorful fall leaves from the craft store and small branches painted black were also added to the steps for a visual feast. The coffee table in the living room was decorated with witches’ hats and the fireplace featured decal bats, which are easy to use and remove.

Even the bathrooms were decked out! There were black feather boas on the counters, glittery black skeletons, black, orange and purple wreaths hung on the light fixtures, pumpkin soap dispensers and Halloween themed hand towels.

Joe used real hollowed out pumpkins to serve guacamole and salsa. Clever! The menu featured deviled eggs and grilled cheese sandwiches shaped like bats and pumpkins, which were a real hit with the kids.

The backyard was turned into a Halloween wonderland. Joe placed uncarved pumpkins around the yard and hung paper balls in the trees, which added bright pops of color inexpensively. There was bobbing for apples for the kids and glitter spider rings hidden in the sandbox, which was covered with “spider webs” for the occasion. They also placed a bucket of small Halloween themed tchotchkes for the kids to have their pick. There were plenty of adult beverages (wine and champagne) and lots of kid friendly choices, as well as several different kinds of Halloween themed cups and straws that the kids got to take home in addition to their goodie bags.

The best thing was that the party appealed to everyone. Kids and their parents alike had a great time and that’s the true test of a good party.

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