Glam Slam - Stuck In A Style?

This weekend I bought a pair of metallic pink Repetto ballet flats. Can’t say I have a lot of metallic or pink shoes, but I am the first to admit that I do have a lot of ballet flats. A LOT.

As I stand in my closet I easily count at least 35 pairs. Do I really need so many? They come in every price range and many brands… Lanvin, Repetto, J. Crew, Steve Madden, Topshop and Gap are well represented. I have bought ballet flats all over the world… in London, Paris, Copenhagen, Buenos Aires, Palermo, Sicily and even Cape Town, South Africa. Let’s just say I never met a ballet flat I didn’t like.

Am I stuck in a style rut? Or do I just know what I like? I prefer to think it’s the latter and I can make a strong argument for it.

1. Ballet flats are practical.
2. They never go out of style.
3. They go with everything.
4. They are comfortable.
5. They are worth the money, because I wear them just about every day.

Does buying and wearing the same look again and again make me boring, predictable? Stuck in my comfort zone?

A co-worker once pointed out to me that I have a “uniform”… flats with skinny jeans or pants and a loose, blousy top. I had never really noticed before she said that, but I think she’s right! Which brings me to that loose blouse obsession. For me, it’s Tucker shirts. I have more than 15, including some from the recent collaboration with Target. Hmmm… Maybe there is something to being a repeat style offender and I’m guilty in the first degree!

I am obviously not the only person guilty of repeating a style over and over. How many times have we seen Jennifer Aniston in her signature uniform of cargo pants, tank top and Havaianas? She must have an entire closet devoted strictly to cargo pants and tank tops! I wonder how many she owns?!

Jennifer could afford to wear a different designer outfit every day, and yet, even she constantly goes for the same look. Hey, at least I’m in good company!

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