Glam Slam: Style Score!

How happy are you when you totally score a really awesome fashion deal? As happy as Drew Barrymore looks in that photo? LOL!

I’ve had a couple of amazing finds over the years… the vintage Chanel gold chain belt I found in a thrift store for $3.99… the dead stock vintage Emilio Pucci nightgowns at an antique store that were dirt cheap.

I recently made a major fashion score when I went to sell some of my clothes at Wasteland, an LA chain of resale stores. There was only one salesperson who was doing the actual buying and a line of people waiting to sell. One seller was taking an extra long time. And then I saw that she had four huge garbage bags of clothing to sell and thought about leaving because it was gonna take forever for the guy to go through all her things.

I started to very annoyed that it was taking so long, but as I watched the guy go through her piles of clothing, I noticed the seller had on a Hermes cuff and a Givenchy bag. She was a bit more upscale than the other waiting sellers. Wasteland sells some designer items, but it’s not the focus as they sell mostly vintage and trend driven clothes.

Every single item the girl was selling was a designer name. A unique high-end jewel encrusted Phillip Lim dress costing easily over $1000. Alexander Wang tees. Vince tees. Rag & Bone and Helmut Lang shirts… leather shorts.

Then, I saw her bring a Tucker blouse out of a garbage bag. The store buyer passed on it. In fact, he was passing on A LOT of things and I couldn’t believe it! Most still had the tags on. Maybe it’s because we were in the suburban Burbank location that he felt many of the items would not sell. The Melrose store, which features a more cutting edge and trendy clientele, would have probably gone nuts for this stuff, gobbling it all up.

Anyway… back to the Tucker blouse. I am obsessed with Tucker shirts. Drew Barrymore (pictured in Tucker), Vanessa Hudgens, Selma Blair and Olivia Munn have all been spotted in Tucker shirts. I have quite a few of them and when Tucker teamed up with Target, I bought those too! I love the prints and loose fitting style of the blouses.

I asked the girl what size the blouse was. “Extra small,” she told me. My size. Hmmm. The guy joked - did I want to buy it? Why, yes, I did! The seller said, “just give me five bucks for it.” The shirt retails for $275! When she handed me the shirt, I saw that the tag was still on it. Yes!

I asked why she was selling so many clothes. She was moving to Paris with her boyfriend. She didn’t have a job lined up or anything… she said she would figure something out when she got there. I asked her where she was gonna live and she said in a hotel at first… in the Place Vendome. Oh, you mean the Ritz? Yes. Obviously, this girl had some major, major bucks.

I asked her if she was sad to be selling all her clothes and she said no, not really, she had so many more. She said to me, you know how it is, the season passes and you are sick of looking at the clothes, so you never wear them. Um, no, can’t say I am fortunate to be that rich!!!!

I wanted to give the girl my card and offer to buy anything else the store didn’t buy, but I felt like I was already bordering on stalkerish. In the end, I was quite happy with my $5 purchase. SCORE!!!!

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