Glam Slam: Style Stud

I have a Style Stud I need to give props to STAT. No, it’s not David Beckham or Pitbull or Ryan Gosling or some other dapper star. Nope, it’s my husband, Richard. He will go to the ends of the earth for me when it comes to supporting my fashion addiction and he proved it not once, but twice this past weekend. It doesn’t hurt that I’m pregnant, so he’s going the extra mile to take care of me, which is pretty awesome.

First of all, he stayed up until midnight Saturday night to try and order clothes for me from Prabal Gurung’s Collection for Target. I showed him the look book and picked out a couple of things I was interested in ahead of time, but he was only able to get one thing because everything else sold out right away.

So, the next morning, he volunteered to make the trip to a suburban Target bright and early for me. He got there before they opened and was 6th in line. By opening time, there were 30 people in line and he was the only guy. He said he was definitely getting some strange looks and he made jokes with the other girls that he was there to check out the “Prabal Gurung Men’s Collection.”

He listened as all the woman went on and on about the designer and how Michelle Obama has worn his clothes, blah, blah, blah. I joked with Richard later that he probably knew more about the designer than anyone there just because he also works at Access Hollywood where we always cover fashion, and of course, he’s married to me!

I don’t think the other women knew quite what they were dealing with when it came to the sole guy in line. When the doors opened, people started sprinting. Richard started grabbing anything he could in my size.

He called me from the store to tell me that women were coming up to him and asking him if he’d like to put anything back on the racks? Naw, not a chance. I told him to send me a photo because I had to see his score for myself. As you can see, he did quite well.

Sadly, only a couple of things fit my pregnant self, so most of it will be going back. Which means yet another trip for him to make on my behalf! I love the floral blazer I got, which was the number one thing I wanted, as well as a pretty sleeveless floral top that I will need to wear soon before my belly is too big! Anyway — Richard is a real trooper — a big thank you — you’re the best!

-- Ryan Patterson

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