Glam Slam: Stylish Birthday Girl!

Just wanted to wish our beautiful girl Happy Birthday! She turns 4 years old today and yet, I feel like I am always the one learning from her.

Learning to look at the world in a whole different way. Even learning to look at fashion in a whole different way.

I’ve said it before, but I admire how fearless our daughter is when it comes to style. There is no such thing as clashing colors or clashing patterns. There is no right or wrong. She just wears what she likes and what makes her happy. How nice to not worry about what anyone else thinks or what is “on-trend” or “in style.”

At her birthday party this weekend, she received a sticker pad with lots of clothing options and it was fun to see her come up with and create outfits for the girls in the book. She loves it!

I think it’s amazing how much personal style a child develops so early in life. Our daughter has definitive ideas of what she likes to wear and what she pairs with what. Even though she likes her Snow White and Belle costumes, she’s really not a girly girl at all. Did she get that from me or her dad? Maybe. Maybe not. Whenever we go in a store… she will go and pick out what she likes regardless of what we think.

With her love of color and fun prints and patterns, maybe she will turn out to be a Marni girl someday.
Maybe our trips back to South Carolina will rub off on her and she will be preppy and live for J.Crew. Maybe she will be edgier and love Helmut Lang. Or most likely she will dabble in all kinds of looks depending on the day. I hope so!

Life is too short to get stuck in one look. Fashion is fun. So are birthdays — so enjoy today!

-- Ryan Patterson

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