Glam Slam: Stylish Star Sightings

When I went back East for the holidays, I was plied with questions about various star sightings. Who is the nicest? Who looks best in person?

It reminds me that while we may be jaded out here because we see famous people pretty much everywhere… the folks back home do not and this whole Hollywood thing is very exciting for them.

One person I was asked about was Pitbull. He came into our control room after his interview on Access Hollywood Live while we were still taping. He started kidding around with Billy Bush, talking in his earpiece while Billy was doing an interview on-air. We could see Billy smiling during the interview, but no one at home had any idea.

“What is Pitbull like?” I was asked. He’s a charmer… a real ladies man. I bet he can smooth talk his way into or out of just about anything. He was very polite and a gentleman. He made a point to introduce himself to everyone (by his given name) and shake everyone’s hand or give them a hug. (I got a hug!)

We all know he dresses impeccably, but you may not know he smells good too. Really good. I asked him what he was wearing and he was coy telling me he mixes up a few things. Sounds like a cologne in the works?

I also got a lot of questions about a star sighting I posted on Facebook. I saw Jack Nicholson shopping in the WOMEN’s shoe department at Barneys New York. It was right before Christmas and I had the day off to go to my daughter’s school show. Afterwards, I met a friend for our annual holiday lunch at Barneys. Of course, we had to stop by the shoe sale!

My friend Stefanie was trying on some gorgeous Celine boots, when all of a sudden, you could feel a change in the store. JACK! It’s not that unusual to see celebs in the store… but this was different. People were buzzing around and checking Jack out. He looked just like you would expect him to. He had on his signature thick rimmed glasses, his hair looked windblown and he was wearing a tweedy blazer and slacks. Kind of an absent-minded professor type of look. He was with an older lady and an assistant type guy and they browsed the department including the sales racks!

Further proof that the stars, even the big-time stars, love a deal.

-- Ryan Patterson

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