Glam Slam: Sweet Treat For Your Feet!

We take good care of our face. We eat well and exercise to take care of our body. But, what are you doing for your feet?

“I think feet are the most stressed out part of our body and we don’t even think about it,” reveals CG Funk, of Massage Envy. CG adds, “If you think about it feet are what keep us upright. We abuse them daily through our walk, through the shoes we wear or from having too much weight on us. So, people get a lot of disorders of the feet.”

Glam Slam met up with the folks at Massage Envy at the recent International Spa Media event in New York City. The ISPA media day showcases the latest trends happening in from spas around the globe.

CG and her Massage Envy team were spotlighting one of their newest treatments; the sugar foot scrub therapy. “Whether it’s your job, the daily grind or an intense workout the causes your feet to feel worn out, the best way to find relief is to give your feet some serious tender, love and care.”

Glam Slam couldn’t resist sampling. The therapist started it off with a hot towel rubdown, which heats up the foot area and helps the muscles relax. Then, a sugar scrub was applied, which is made of fine granules, along with safflower, jojoba and olive oil.

“Sugar is very hydrating. When you’re working on feet want to have something that’s hydrating because there’s probably not a person on the planet has too much oil on their feet,” adds CG.

After the massaging scrub, the treatment is finished off with a rich cocoa butter. Glam Slam just wishes I hadn’t worn strappy sandals after this oil-rich treatment because trying to walk and not slide was a challenge – especially on the streets of New York City.

This treatment is easy do at home. Simply, soak your feet in the tub and then use a store-bought high-quality sugar scrub. “Look for joboba and olive oil as ingredients. If you see something with canola oil, don’t use that,” advises CG.

Or, you can see if there’s a Massage Envy spa in your area, check out

-- Terri MacLeod

(Glam Slam’s Ryan Patterson is on maternity leave. Terri MacLeod is filling in.)

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