Glam Slam: Taylor Swift’s Retro Chic Style

“I go through different phases,” Taylor Swifts says about her style. “Right now, I’m in a very kind of vintage dress phase.”

And we love it!

How cute is Taylor Swift? She’s the ultimate girlie girl.

I love her retro style and how she rocks her signature cat eye makeup and red lips. Perfect since her new CD “Red” is expected to sell a million copies this week.

I guess her whirlwind promotional tour is paying off! But having so many appearances called for a lot of wardrobe changes.

“You can’t do all your shopping yourself when there’s like 50 things to dress for a week,” she tells us. “So I have a stylist who knows exactly what I love and he just brings in a giant rack of clothes and we go, ‘This one, this one, this one, this one.’

“It’s easy when you have a team of people that really kind of get you. But this is definitely a phase that I’m in,” she laughs about her love of all things vintage.

To have a style team who brings you a rack of clothes sounds like heaven to me!

“Oh it’s really exciting!” Taylor says. “Because you’re like, ‘Oh it’s coats and it’s dresses and it’s skirts!’”

Taylor admits so many fittings can get tedious though.

“I mean when you have done like 4 fittings a week though, you’re like ‘Ughh,’” she says jokingly.

“I shouldn’t complain about it,” she smiles. “That’s ridiculous.”

Always a professional, extremely talented and just plain nice. Taylor’s the real deal, the whole totally stylish package.

-- Ryan Patterson

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