Glam Slam: The Friday Five - All Natural Tips That Are ‘Better Than Botox’

My co-worker Selin always raves about her long-time eyebrow maven, Raisa Ruder, an esthetician, who also shares recipes for her homemade beauty treatments during Selin’s appointments. Raisa, whose clients include Madonna, Tyra Banks, Molly Sims and Ali Larter, learned all her beauty techniques from her Ukrainian grandmother and now has put them in a fun little book: “Babushka’s Beauty Secrets Old World Tips For A Glamorous New You.”

The book is full of simple, but effective, tips and recipes you can make at home and Raisa promises they are “all natural and better than Botox!”

Not everyone knows this, but potatoes contain plenty of vitamins that help to speed up your metabolism and absorb excess water. Sliced potatoes work wonders for puffiness and dark circles. I really believe Madonna must know this secret because I have never seen her with puffy eyes.

Would you like to have Angelina Jolie’s sexy lips? Try honey, it naturally hydrates and heals the skin; it is a natural antibiotic and contains vitamin C.

Britney Spears can definitely use some of this pimple potion! Baking soda will balance your PH, which means it will open you pores, while lemon juice is pure vitamin C and helps fight inflammation.

Avocados can help you attain flawless, smooth skin like Nicole Kidman. I think she might use avocado everyday; maybe her babushka told her about how important vitamin E is for our skin?

Kim Kardashian is definitely a banana babe! Did you know bananas contain nutrients to stimulate and release sexual hormones? They are also one of the strongest antioxidants to get your glamorous look.

For more tips, check out “Babushka’s Beauty Secrets Old World Tips For A Glamorous New You” by Raisa Ruder and Susan Campos at

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