Glam Slam: The Friday Five — Fashion For Dummies

No, I’m not dissing anybody… even all of you extreme shoppers, who are running around like maniacs today on the busiest retail day of the year!

‘Fashion for Dummies’ is the title of the new style guide from fashion expert Jill Martin. You’ve seen Jill doing those Ambush Plaza makeovers on the ‘Today’ show, so it makes perfect sense that she would write a style bible answering pretty much any question. (“Eliminating Fashion Confusion” and “Stocking Your Closet without Going Crazy or Broke” are a couple of my favorite sections.) Jill got a few of her celeb pals to give their advice for how to dress (and chill out) this holiday season.


1. TORI SPELLING: “Accessorize with pops of color.”
Since the Fall heading into Winter is mostly about wearing black and darker neutrals like gray, take advantage of the holidays to add a bit of brightness and color. Red is the obvious choice, but really any of the deeper colors will work at this time of year – from pumpkin, cranberry, deep purple to hot pink. Choose a colorful scarf or if you really want to make a statement, go with a pair of colorful tights!

2. LISA RINNA: “Less is more.”
This too, is a general rule, and a good one to follow. While the holidays are a time to sparkle, you don’t want to look like a Christmas tree! Definitely go for the statement accessories OR the adorned sweater, but NOT both! Pick something to accentuate that you want to be the focal point of your outfit. And, be careful here of over-accessorizing. If you’re going to go with big jewelry, choose a fabulous necklace or a great pair of chandelier earrings, but again, not both.

3. TYSON BECKFORD: “The sexiest thing on a woman is a little black dress.”
The little black dress is ALWAYS appropriate and this is true at holiday time too. So, if black is really where you find yourself in your comfort zone, there is nothing wrong with a little black dress. If you want to change it up for the holidays, pick one that is a bit sexier – whether that means a little shorter, or with a deeper neckline, go for it – this is definitely the time of year to do so. The little black dress is also the perfect piece to accessorize. You can really do anything with it – from great jewelry to bright tights.

4. NANCY O’DELL: “Double Spanx!”
Wearing the right undergarment is the most important part of your outfit. Nothing ruins an outfit like bad panty lines or just not feeling like you look your absolute best. When you’re getting ready for all the fun holiday parties, no matter what you are wearing, make sure you have flesh toned undergarments that hold you in, in all the right places. You will feel polished and sexy and ready to party.

5. KATHIE LEE GIFFORD: “I’m a big fan of anything made out of T-shirt material. I put it on and immediately feel relaxed.” 
The holidays tend to get very busy and can be a bit overwhelming. Don’t forget to pamper yourself by slipping into your favorite sweats and indulging in a little downtime. Light some candles and put on your coziest clothes while you lounge at home wrapping presents.

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