Glam Slam: The Friday Five — Fierce & Fabulous Maternity Style

“Designing a maternity collection truly is the ultimate challenge for a fashion designer,” says ‘Project Runway’ winner Christian Siriano.

If he thinks designing a maternity collection is challenging, he should try wearing some of the stuff that’s out there. Unless you are a supermodel like Gisele Bundchen, who can make anything look good, maternity fashion isn’t exactly known for being very flattering.

That’s one reason why Christian teamed up with designers Marta Abrams and Elise Rosemarin to create the hip, “anti-maternity line,” Moody Mamas, whose fans include Heidi Klum, Jessica Alba and Ashlee Simpson-Wentz. ( Being pregnant doesn’t mean you have to give up looking fashionable and Christian shares his five tips for how to look “fierce and fabulous” for the holidays while pregnant.

1.Glitz and glam is in this year, so when it comes to accessorizing, bigger really is better!

2. When dressing for a holiday party, dare to choose a pair of chic flats over heels. Your feet will thank you for it and you will look just as fab!

3. Invest in a dress that takes you from day to night. No need to wear a sack just because you are preggers. Opt for a dress that makes you feel like the glowing goddess that you are!

4. Have fun with your festive attire - just don’t go overboard. Blinking light earrings and a Rudolph knit sweater were cute when you were a child, but it’s not as appropriate when you are having a child!

5. No need to suck it in this year! Indulge in all the holiday goodies you want and make everyone around you jealous. Little Miss Lucky-You have a great excuse - “you’re eating for two.”

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