Glam Slam: The Friday Five — Ways To Make Your Wardrobe Last

Sofia Vergara is one of those stars who always looks so polished from head to high heels. You never see her without makeup or in ratty clothes, she loves to step-it-up a notch.

Me, on the other hand… well, my sunglasses get beat up, my jeans fade and my shoes get scuffed up.

It’s easy to take care of your things and extend the life of your wardrobe though.

The new issue of InStyle provides tips to make your clothing and accessories last longer.

Shade Your Shades:
Opticians use heat to shape eyeglasses. Mother Nature, in the form of excessive temperatures and humidity, can do the same, leaving you with warped frames. Don’t keep your specs in the car or direct sunlight. When they’re not covering your eyes, store shades in their cases as opposed to pushing them back on your head, where body heat can stretch them out.

Protect Soles:
Shoes with leather bottoms absorb moisture like a sponge. To maintain your purchase, wear a new pair three times (so it forms to your feet), then apply a rubber sole over the existing one. In addition to water resistance, the new piece gives you traction.

Safeguard Embellishments:
Sequined or beaded pieces are prone to snags. If a sparkler goes rogue, safety-pin or take the spot to keep more of the decoration from unraveling. The head to a trimming store to find a replacement you can sew on.

Store Gems in Plastic:
You’d imagine professional jewelers would keep their valuable creations in silk-lined velvet boxes. Wrong! Experts put rings, bracelets, and other baubles in individual clear bags- it’s easy to see what’s inside, and finishes won’t rub off or nick.

Clean Denim Without Fading:
Typical jeans, no matter how dark or light, are dyed with indigo. Like paint, indigo eventually chips off. Minimize color loss by turning your pair inside out before tossing in the washer.

For more tips, the November issue of InStyle, on newsstands today!

-- Ryan Patterson

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