Glam Slam: The Sisterhood Of Traveling (Maternity) Pants

Remember “The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants,” the popular books-turned-movies starring Alexis Bledel, America Ferrera, Amber Tamblin and Blake Lively?

The story is about a group of girlfriends who stay connected as they pass around a pair of jeans to each other.

I have my own version of this story… only mine involves maternity pants.

It started six years ago, when I was pregnant with my first daughter. A friend loaned me her maternity jeans. I didn’t have any maternity jeans of my own and I was having a hard time finding cool ones that fit, so I was happy to get hers. She was a former model — beautiful and very tall, so the jeans were really long on me and I had to roll them up… several times in fact!

Eventually, while on a trip to London, I found my own maternity jeans at Topshop, which I held on to for years. I couldn’t part with them. They sat in my closet gathering dust, but I was emotionally attached to them. Being pregnant was such a special time in my life — I just didn’t wanna let go.

We eventually got pregnant again, so out came the jeans last year. Even after our daughter was born last July, I continued to wear the jeans. I was not back to my pre-baby weight, so it made perfect sense. I continued to wear the maternity pants until a couple of weeks ago, believe it or not. They fit like regular jeans except for that nice, comfy band at the top!

But it was time to look forward, not back. Time to let go.

Time for the pants to start traveling again — I gave them all away to the next pregnant friend. Instead of being sad that one phase of my life is over, I am happy that this journey has begun for someone else. The sisterhood lives on and I hope her pregnancy is as special as mine was.

-- Ryan Patterson

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