Glam Slam: Tie One On

I am a huge scarf fan. It’s an easy way to quickly and stylishly upgrade almost any look. Open any magazine and you will see star after star sporting scarves…and there’s a major celeb fan club for Theodora & Callum scarves in particular. Blake Lively, Kate Hudson, Heidi Klum, Halle Berry, Megan Fox, Katherine Heigl… the list goes on and on.

Here, we take three stars wearing Theodora & Callum scarves and show you how to achieve the same looks in three easy steps.

Oprah – Pull Through Scarf
1. Drape your scarf in half
2. Drape around the back with your neck at the center
3. Pull the two loose ends through the loop and adjust to your liking

Reese Witherspoon – similar to a Knotted End Scarf
1. Place scarf around neck
2. Knot scarf at one end
3. Knot other end in similar spot to keep the look balanced

Jessica Alba – a Long and Looped Scarf
1. Hold scarf on the diagonal
2. Drape around your neck, leaving on end short
3. Wrap around neck twice, twisting if desired

Jessica’s scarf is the “Wearable Art” scarf in gauze (100% gauze viscose), which is hand-printed and designed. It can be worn around the neck or body and also looks beautiful draped over furniture. It’s great for coverage on the go, because it folds up to the size of a baseball.

The “Tie All” scarf is the most versatile size of all the Theodora & Callum scarves. It is a viscose- linen blend, that measures 40” x 78”. With this size you can use it as a scarf, shawl, pareo, skirt, strapless dress or even a beach blanket.

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