Glam Slam: Tim Gunn Is Fierce (T.G.I.F.)

We’re big fans of Tim Gunn around here. He’s worked with us on award shows and appeared on our show, as you can see from the photo of us together on the set of Access Hollywood Live.

The Emmy winner and host of Lifetime’s fashion competition series, “Project Runway: Under the Gunn,” always tells it like it is, when it comes to fashion. We look to him for his fierce opinions!

Today, he shares four tips with Glam Slam for how to find and define your own personal style.

1. “I don’t believe in extracting the clothes from the wearer; that is, it’s all about how your apparel - and accessories - looks on you, not your friend or a fashion icon you admire. Getting our fashion right has to do with who we are, our lifestyle, our coloring, and our shape.

2. The key to getting our fashion right has little to do with what we’re wearing. Rather, it has to do with three elements: silhouette, proportion, and fit. When those elements are in harmony and balance, you’ll look good no matter what you’re wearing. Silhouette is your own natural shape. Proportion means dress your body in a system of thirds from your shoulders to your toes. Fit is simple: your clothes should skim your body, not be too tight or too loose.

3. Wearing color and looking great all depends upon our own skin tone. When in doubt about whether a color is suitable for you, try the chin test: hold the textile under your chin and see how it reflects onto you. Does is make you glow or does it make you look sallow? The darker your skin tone, the better you’ll look in a wide range of colors. And as a sidebar, I have utter disdain for the term “nude;” it’s only nude if it’s the color of your skin. Shouldn’t we adopt the word taupe?

4. Finally, whatever you do, when getting dressed, don’t try too hard. There are few things worse than a fashion victim!”

-- Ryan Patterson

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