Glam Slam: Tim Gunn Is The Man

Tim Gunn was here on our set today, appearing on our new show Access Hollywood Live. I have worked with Tim before… he was our fashion correspondent for the Emmys a few years go.

He is the perfect gentleman and so nice and down to earth. He actually hung out with the Access staff… eating our craft services lunch and sitting and chatting with us. He could have been a big snob hiding out in his own trailer, but no, not the Gunn man.

Today was the same. Tim graciously socialized with all of us and took a tour of our set, which he loved. Coming from a real tastemaker like Tim that was such high praise for our set designers Joe and James and they were thrilled with his compliments.

I was also impressed with how good Tim is at remembering names, when he said to me “Ryan, your shoes match the set.” No wonder he is so beloved… he makes everyone feel special.

Tim was here to talk about his new book, “Gunn’s Golden Rules: Life’s Little Lessons For Making It Work.” When I first head about this book, I thought it would be a fashion book with tips and style do’s and don’ts. After all, this is the “Project Runway” guru, who turned his signature “Make it Work” into a national catchphrase. Tim’s book is actually his memoirs. It’s much more personal and he reveals that he attempted suicide at 17 and hasn’t had sex in 30 years. Wow! I love him for his candor and honesty.

In the book, Tim also tells a delicious story about the famously icy Vogue Editor-In-Chief Anna Wintour and how at Fashion Week in 2006 he watched her being carried down the stairs and to her car by two bodyguards, because she dislikes taking the elevator with other people. The incident was reported in the NY Post and despite Vogue’s attempts to have him retract the story… Tim stuck to his guns.

Today, he told us about shooting a cameo for “Gossip Girl” and rips into “GG” star Taylor Momsen for her unprofessionalism on the set of the show, calling her “sad and pathetic.” Great television today when Tim called the alleged White House Party Crashers Michaele and Tareq Salahi “sociopaths,” while they were also on our show!!

Viewers immediately starting tweeting and it’s clear they were Team Tim. “Damn I love Tim Gunn,” one of them tweeted us. “He is the definition of keeping it real. He tells it like it is and I love it.”

Ditto. Ditto.

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