Glam Slam: Time Saving Hair Tips

How lucky is Jessica Simpson?! Her best friend is a hairstylist, so she can have amazing hair pretty much any time she wants! 99.9 percent of us do not have that luxury and I don’t know about you, but things get so busy, it’s a miracle I leave my house with anything other than wet hair! Hair style? What is that?!

Aussie Celebrity Stylist Sarah Potempa, who has worked with Julianne Moore, Ali Larter, Patrick Dempsey and Jake Gyllenhaal shares tips for 5 minute, easy, beautiful hair.

“To save time, try giving yourself a hair treatment overnight! The most important step in wearing a deep conditioner overnight is the process of applying it. Start by washing your hair and focusing on the scalp. Using warm water will open up the cuticle and allow the moisturizers to seep into the cortex (or middle) of each hair strand. Then apply the deep conditioner with a large toothed comb to evenly apply throughout the hair. Wrapping the hair in saran wrap will keep your sheets clean and your hair together. In the morning, make sure to do a cool rinse, which will guarantee to lock in the moisturizing ingredients you spent the night soaking in!

The most moisturizing ingredients are…

a) jojoba oil – softness, shine and moisture
b) sunflower seed oil – nourishing, easily absorbed
c) aloe vera- strengthens hair
(All three of these ingredients can be found in Aussie’s 3-Minute Miracle.)

In the Summer, it’s all about the natural waves and there are quick and easy ways to get them without the hot tools. First, leave hair wet but not drippy and then add a mousse to the mid-shaft through the ends of the hair. I like Aussie’s Mousse + Leave-In Conditioner because it does more than just hold my hair, it actually conditions my hair to leave it soft and not crunchy. Simply scrunch the hair up in a towel and allow to air dry for a naturally, wavy look.”

GLAM SLAM: What can you skip?
Sarah: “Don’t wash your hair every day. The longer you wait between shampooing, the more the natural oils from your scalp will protect your hair. The scalp produces oil based on the need for it. If it produces oil over night and then you take a shower every morning, it balances itself out to only produce enough for one day. If you start to shampoo every three days, the scalp will realize that it needs to spread out the production of oil over a longer period of time.”

GLAM SLAM: What gives you the most bang for your buck?
Sarah: “Have products that do more than one thing is always great. Not only does it help with the wallet but it also saves counter space. Aussie’s Mousse + Leave-In Conditioner is great to help style, but also keeps hair soft and conditioned.”

GLAM SLAM: What are some affordable ways to update a look?
Sarah: “Bangs are great, but if you’re too nervous to try you can always create a “faux” bang. Simply separate a semi-circle section of hair in front, comb forward and sweep to the side with a smoothing creme. Bobby pin over to create a “faux” bang. Also, switching which side you wear your part can update your look instantly. If you typically style your hair with a side part, try parting your hair down the middle for a bold yet elegant look. A deep side part exudes a sexy and playful vibe if you are looking to spice up your style.”

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