Glam Slam: Wanna Shag?

Joan Jett is the very definition of a badass rock star with her in-your-face attitude, edgy style and of course, her signature shag hairdo. Now Joan’s early days are coming to the big screen with ‘The Runaways,’ starring ‘Twilight’s’ Kristen Stewart as a teenage Joan.

To get Joan’s look just right in the movie, the director of the film even interviewed her stylist Sally Hershberger, who has known Joan for more than 30 years.

Sally, who has worked with everyone from Tom Cruise to Sandra Bullock and Cindy Crawford, is the go-to expert on all things shag and gives GLAM SLAM the 411 on the iconic style.

What is a shag?
A shag is really any layered cut. From longer pieces like Gisele Bundchen, to something shorter and choppier like Kristen’s hair in the film.

Celebs who have done the shag?
Kristen Stewart definitely had a more severe style for the film and not everyone can pull that look off. When I gave Meg Ryan a shag, it was a softer look that is more versatile that could go from classic to edgy depending on how you styled it. Other stars who have worked the look, include Jane Fonda, (also a Sally client) and Scarlett Johansson.

Why is it so popular?
It’s a very versatile style that can work with many different hair types and lengths.

What type of hair does the look work well on?
The style works best on hair that is medium in texture (not too fine or too thick) that is straight or has a little wave to it.

What do you ask your stylist for if you want a shag?
If you want to take the look in a more severe direction ask for a shorter style that has lots of layers of all lengths for a choppy, rock star look. A more subtle version would be something a little less drastic – longer, softer layers.

How do you style a shag?
The key to a great shag is using the right products. Most women have layers in their hair but until my SHAGG line there was never a line of products designed to enhance and define their layers. To really make the most of layers use lightweight, residue-free formulas so your layers aren’t weighed down.

Sally’s Styling Tips:
Prep wet hair with a lightweight mouse that really gives hair guts to build a style – I use my Shagg Style Primer for Layered Hair.
Rough-dry hair, you don’t need to start with it perfectly smooth.
Spray Shagg Spray through dry hair and blast with a blow dryer.
Shape pieces with your hands, which is so much easier than using a brush to create texture for a great messy, sexy look in seconds.
If you want to take the look in an edgier direction define your layers with a gel, I use my Shagg Rocks Liquid Gel to create further separation. Run the gel through hair and work through layers with your hands for a great texture and a piece-y effect.

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