Glam Slam: What Not To Say To An Expectant Mom!

Kim Kardashian was relentlessly scrutinized and criticized during her very public pregnancy, something most of us will never have to go through.

But I have gotten a teeny, tiny taste of some not-so-flattering comments myself. Get a load of what three guys said to me this weekend as I, along with my young daughter, walked by them.

“Whoah……That’s one way to bring the basketball to the court,” one said, obviously referring to my bump.

They all laughed, then everyone else at the sidewalk café where they were all turned and looked at me and I could feel my face turning “Fifty Shades of Red.”

Um, hello — are you kidding me? Did you really just say that to me? Really?

Somehow, I don’t picture Kate Middleton being teased like that.

They were laughing and seemed light-hearted about it and I tried to laugh along too, but that was awkward.

To borrow a phrase from Jennifer Aniston, I think they had a sensitivity chip missing and they aren’t the only ones. As I’ve gotten closer to my July 13 due date, I’ve heard a few things that have me scratching my head.

“Wow — you are so pregnant.”

“You look like you are about pop any minute.” (Uh, no…I still have three weeks to go).

”You poor thing, you must be ready for this to be over.”

“Are you sure you’re having a girl? Because the way you are carrying all that weight, it must be a boy.”

“Are you having twins?”

Most of these things are from complete strangers…who says stuff like this?

Pregnant ladies have enough going on with our bodies that we don’t need strangers telling us we look fat! So, the next time you see a pregnant woman, do us all a favor and just say something nice.

Even if it’s a lie.

-- Ryan Patterson

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