Glam Slam: When Ugly Shoes Are Cool

Shower shoes, athletic slides, earth shoes, flip flops. Functional, yes, but I personally never considered them fashionable.

And yet, they are one of the summer’s biggest trends, thanks to Celine’s $900 pair of runway shower shoes sparking a fashion frenzy.

I said right here on Glam Slam that hell would freeze over before I would get into this trend and I now have to eat my words. I bought this pair of on-trend cheapie slides…


… as well as my first pair of Birkenstocks — the coveted white ones that were sold out and hard to get. My husband joked that I am only couple of hundred years behind the times. (The German company was established in 1774.) Yeah, I’m late to the party.

I’ve always had a thing for shoes that were “interesting” or “unique.” Or ugly by some people’s definition — “ugly pretty“ is what the trend is called.

Miuccia Prada has turned decades of designing “ugly” shoes into an art form and she’s been laughing all the way to the bank for years. I’m a sucker for clunky Prada and Marni shoes. As for shower slides or earth shoes? Not so much. Until now.

Here are a few ways to get in on the trend..


  • The shower shoe is all about summer’s athletic trend. Go for cute track pants and a crop top. Or pair a lightweight track style jacket thrown over your shoulders paired with a flirty skirt and slides.
  • Slides or earth shoes look great with loose fitting PJ-style pants. Easy breezy for summer.
  • I like to wear my Birkenstocks with something unexpected like a very feminine dress. The shoes are a good way to add edge to a girly look. Heidi Klum rocks hers with a maxi-dress.
  • Pair with white denim. I was inspired by a woman I saw at a local farmers market. She had on white jeans, a classic blue button down, statement hat, loads of gold jewelry and white patent Birkenstock slides. The shoes were a good way to funk up a preppy look.
  • Stay away from socks. Unless you are a model who can pull off anything, leave the socks at home or risk looking like a tourist!

-- Ryan Patterson

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