Glam Slam: Willow Smith & Her Fashionista Family

“Willow Smith is so beautiful!!!! I’m kind of obsessed with her!” Kim Kardashian Tweeted this week.

She’s not alone. People are going crazy over Willow’s catchy song, “Whip My Hair.”

Nine-year-old Willow was here on our set to make an appearance on Access Hollywood Live to talk about her new song. She, of course, is the adorable daughter of Will and Jada and she’s a ball of energy. How could she not be a performer coming from that talented family, right? She’s animated, precocious, cute, wise beyond her years and appears to be quite confident, which is something instilled by her parents, who exude loads of confidence themselves. At least in public they do.

It was a family affair for Willow. She came with her brother Jaden and mom Jada, who was backstage while Willow taped her segment with us. I chatted with Jada for a bit and found her to be very friendly and accessible. She was dressed casually, but chic, and we talked about the new puppy they had just gotten, which the kids named Lil’ Homie. I also talked to Jada a bit about family and kids and it was evident how much her kids mean to her. She told me that family is her number one priority and it really shows. She and Will are both hands on when it comes to their children and make a point to be with them when they are working.

Willow wore one of her creative outfits on the show, including boots, a motorcycle style jacket and funky nails. She loves to make quite the bold fashion statement when she hits the red carpet and Jada even took her to Milan Fashion Week recently. Sweet! When I was nine, I’m pretty sure I had no idea what fashion week was. In fact, I hardly knew anything about fashion at all. Looking back, I was quite cluless. Kids today are so much more savvy.

Which made me think about my own daughter. She’s not even two yet, so I have some time before I have to worry about her becoming a little fashionista… Or do I? Katie Holmes recently said that at just two-years-old, Suri started picking out Katie’s clothes! Hmmm…

Would I let my own kid dress as wild as Willow does? Willow has some pretty outrageous looks, but at least they are age appropriate, meaning that they don’t show too much skin or anything like that. I’m ok with my kid wanting to express herself through her fashion. I say that now, but how will I feel when the day actually comes and she wants to dye her hair blue or pierce her nose? Or worse. Who knows what will be the rage then?!

Kids today know so much more about everything, including fashion. When your child wants Juicy Couture sweats or knows what a Chanel handbag is, you’re in big trouble!

I feel like there was such innocence when I was a kid, but every generation says that. I can’t help but wonder what my daughter has in store for me though. Be afraid, momma, be very afraid.

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