Glam Slam: Worst Dressed Star Of 2010

Snooki was a major contender for worst dressed star of 2010, but that would be too obvious of a choice.

I mean, her whole MO is about looking trashtastic, so she’s a given on pretty much any worst dressed list. Lady Gaga’s meat dress wasn’t exactly a fave of mine either, but we’ve come to expect outrageous from her, so she’s pretty much in her own category.

The person topping Glam Slam’s worst dressed list is…

“Gossip Girl’s” Leighton Meester.

It kind of pains me to do this. Why? First off, let me say that I like Leighton a lot. She’s beautiful, talented, has a great figure and seems approachable. She has it all going for her and seems so put together in every other aspect of her life, so maybe that’s why I expect more from her when it comes to the style department.

The fact that she’s always impeccably dressed on a show known for its fabulous fashion also raises the expectation level too. Not to mention, she has access to all the top name designers and she even works with a stylist. So I’m not sure why she is guilty of so many style strike outs.

A Marchesa jumpsuit at a November Harry Winston launch made me think of “I Dream of Jeannie.” Only it wasn’t a dream, it was more like a nightmare.

A blue satin cutout Versus dress at Fashion’s Night Out in September looked like a retread straight out of the ‘80s.

A Giambattista Valli dress she wore to the “Date Night” premiere in April looked like it had been through a paper shredder. At least the back of it did.

“I like to be comfortable, but still try different things and experiment,” Leighton told us. “I mean, it’s expression, that’s what it is and it should be fun.”

Leighton is not some cookie cutter starlet wearing the same thing everyone else does and I respect her for that. I like that she takes chances and isn’t afraid to try something different. Unfortunately, different isn’t always a good thing. She’s young though and I have plenty of faith that she will find her style mojo.

Tomorrow, Glam Slam names the Best Dressed of 2010.

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