‘Glee’ Beauty Dianna Agron ‘Googled’ Boyfriend Alex Pettyfer Prior To Filming ‘I Am Number Four’: He Looked ‘So Serious’

“Glee” beauty Dianna Agron has made the leap from the small screen halls of McKinley High to the big screen world of sci-fi with her new film, “I Am Number Four,” – and the 24-year-old stunner prepared for her new role by Googling her co-star-turned-boyfriend, Alex Pettyfer!

“The surprise of [working with Alex] was I glad to [learn that] he has a sense of humor,” Dianna told Billy Bush and Kit Hoover on Access Hollywood Live on Friday. “Sometimes as an actor, you Google somebody because that’s the only way to kind of [get to know them]. He’s so serious in all of his photos!

“So, I saw all of these very serious photos and I thought, ‘Oh God, please.’” she laughed.

“You Googled him before the movie?” Kit asked.

“Yeah, before I met him – just to make some judgments that may or may not be true,” Dianna told Billy and Kit. “He was just goofy from the get-go and very excited about the project.”

Prior to becoming a star and living the Hollywood life, Dianna spent a lot of times living in hotels as a child (as her father was an executive for Hyatt). However, the actress revealed she wasn’t privy to the convenient housekeeping amenities.

“My mom [said], ‘OK, We’re moving into this hotel – you guys make your bed,’” Dianna told Billy and Kit. “The only thing we did get to have was towel service, like, they change your towels. Which, you know, you need towels all the time! But that was it.

“We even had a kitchen,” she continued. “My mom cooked for us. She wanted it to be as normal as it could be in that setting.”

Living in a hotel exposed Dianna to a few atypical situations, including a fiery meeting with a well-known inspirational speaker.

“There was one time that Tony Robbins came and did a fire walk in front of the hotel and we could see it from the window,” Dianna told Billy and Kit. “We were very young — I think I was 10, my brother was 8, and [Tony] was on a microphone, [saying], ‘Yes, you can! Yes, you can!’

“When you’re young you have the most amazing questions,” she continued. “[My brother asked], ‘That seems crazy – why would you — what do you gain from that?’ Then he’s asking people in the elevator the next day, ‘Aren’t your feet burned?’”

See Dianna and her handsome beau Alex on the big screen in “I Am Number Four” – in theaters now.

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