Gloomy Stars For Sienna And Jude

Sienna Miller (CAPRICORN) and Jude Law (CAPRICORN) are two people who came together not out of chemistry and mutual attraction but, like Narcissus seeing his image in a mirror, because they both had a similar chart type and saw themselves in the other. Unfortunately, this kind of mirror relationship is seldom satisfying, as it has no inherent glue to hold it together. As they gain self-confidence, they turn away from each other and search for a person they can more naturally work, grow and interact with.

Aside from the eye candy factor, there is virtually no chart chemistry between Sienna and Jude. Both are insecure people, given more to talk and wordplay than to action. Neither is naturally happy in the spotlight, nor does either feel comfortable as the centerpiece of a group. They both appear to be serious types and are very critical, preferring to snipe from the periphery than stand in the center.

They’re both natural worriers, sensitive and caring as individuals, and more interested in others than in their own relationships. Of the two, Jude has the most dramatic chart in this respect. He is driven to always look outside himself to find what he lacks personally. This typically manifests as an almost insatiable appetite to meet and make contact with many people, not just for sexual reasons, but from an inner need — and ability — to react to others. Jude feels attraction all around him and responds accordingly, making friends or partners with nearly anyone he meets. Sienna is much more conservative in this respect. She is looking for someone to love who is not all needles and pins like Jude is.

Sienna and Jude both need to be in a relationship, and neither is what we would call astrologically an independent type. Perhaps they jumped in together out of the misery loves company recognition of a kindred soul; but while they shared identical views, neither had the salve that could soothe the other’s loneliness. Like two peas in a pod, they were in a relationship looking longingly outward into the vast pool of other possibilities in the world.

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