‘Godzilla’: Does The Cast Think The Monster Is Too Fat?

It’s not easy being a monster.

“Godzilla” is roaring back to the big screen, but according to various reports, including one in Britain’s Independent newspaper, some fans in Japan think the creature is too plump.

But what do the cast of the film think? Access Hollywood put the question to them at the show’s Los Angeles premiere on Thursday night.

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“I heard that,” Aaron Taylor-Johnson (Ford Brody in the film) said when Access brought up “Fatzilla.” “I don’t know. … You know what? Give him a chance. It’s been 60 years. … He’s allowed to pack on some pounds.”

Elizabeth Olsen (Elle Brody in the movie) also suggested fans lay off the beast.

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“I think it might have been like a bad poster or a bad angle on Godzilla. I feel like everyone needs to give him a break. He’s been sleeping in the ocean,” she said.

Ken Watanabe, who plays Dr. Ichiro Serizawa, said he thinks Godzilla is in good shape.

“Godzilla has great exercise in the Pacific Ocean, swimming. You know, no fat,” he said.

But Bryan Cranston (Joe Brody) may have said it best when he quipped about the monster’s size, telling Access, “It’s the American-ized version of Godzilla. You know, he eats a little too much, needs to go on a diet.”

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“Godzilla” hits theaters on May 16, 2014.

-- Jolie Lash

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