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As Hollywood gathers for the Golden Globes,’s Laura Saltman is on the red carpet & inside the show with all of our favorite TV and movie stars!

Here’s what Laura saw… that the cameras didn’t!

8:00 PM PST — Show just ended and wham these celebs are out of here fast! Damian Lewis, Emmy award in hand, is the first one out the door. Debra Messing walks out hand in hand with her “Smash” co-star and new boyfriend Will Chase. Kevin Costner and his wife circumvent the mass crowd and sneak around the tables to get out. The crowd pours out into the hotel lobby and head to the parties.

7:57 — Nicole Kidman chats with “Nashville” stars Hayden Panetierre and Connie Britton, perhaps talking country music?

7:56 — Standing in front of Casper Smart and Jennifer Lopez. She has the same issue I do. Can’t stop tapping her leg while she is sitting. In strange seating placement, her ex-boyfriend Sean Combs is right above her at a table with a bird’s eye view of the lovebirds.

7:37-- Jonah Hill is apparently big with the blondes. Now he is hanging out with Hayden Panetierre.

7:32 — Just hit the bathroom. How on earth Jessica Alba is going to pee in her Christian Dior dress is beyond me! Loving her feathery purse.

7:25 — An announcer comes on in the ballroom and begs the rest of the winners to keep their speeches short because they are running out of time. A second warning is given just before the commercial break ends. Hugh Jackman clearly didn’t care!

7:21 — All the little kids from “Modern Family” hang in the back when they announce the category for Best TV Comedy. They give the fake happy clap when “Girls” is announced and then head back to their seats.

7:17 — The ballroom goes absolutely nuts with hoots and hollers and a standing ovation from all the way in the back for Ben Affleck when he wins for Best Director.

6:59 — Took a walk down the front. Taylor Swift chats with Jonah Hill, apparently a fan of his work. Katharine McPhee sitting with her cast from “Smash” looks bored to tears and chomps on her gum. I’m nearly blinded by Emily Mortimer’s silver dress.

6:51 — Biggest laugh of the night inside the ballroom is when Amy Poehler was sitting on George Clooney’s lap.

6:45 — Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell are the most adorable couple. They seem so in love. They share a sweet kiss near my table. Had a lovely chat with them earlier on the red carpet about soon becoming parents.

6:38 — Mommyhood suits Claire Danes well. She looks rockin’ hot! So cute that her son is upstairs in the hotel with her parents. Damn. Now I feel guilty. I should have brought my son!

6:37 — Is it just the monitor inside the ballroom or does Lea Michele seem overly spray tanned while presenting? She’s super orange.

6:33 — Eva Longoria runs into Brian Austin Green, who guest starred for several episodes on “Desperate Housewives” (as Marcia Cross’s love interest). They hug and then he turns to Megan Fox and says, “This is my wife.” They then show Eva pictures of their new baby on their iPhone.

6:23 – Oops! Almost knocked Kiefer Sutherland and his drink over in my pursuit of cheese and crackers. You miss the dinner if you are not in your seats by 4:30, which makes for some hungry stars.

6:20 — I see my favorite TV nerd Jim Parsons and make a beeline to say hello but sadly he gets escorted back to his seat just before I get there.

6:17 — Love that Anne Hathaway mentioned playing Princess of Genovia in her speech. I remember interviewing her for “The Princess Diaries” and telling everyone and thinking she would be as big as Julia Roberts one day.

6:12 – Geez, Jeremy Irons can’t even wait to start smoking. He walks through the ballroom to the smoking area cigarette in mouth and lighter in hand.

6:04 — This Will Ferrell/Kristin Wiig bit makes me think the rumors she is going to be in “Anchorman 2” are true. I would have loved to have asked her earlier on the red carpet but you know she was too cold and all.

5:55 — Standing in line at the bathroom behind “Glee’s” Jane Lynch. She explains to me she was asked to be a presenter but then never got an assignment, yet still got two tickets to the show and great seats up front.

5:45 — Loving my seat. It’s right in a spot where when the show is happening stars hang out to wait to go back to their seats. Right now Jeremy Renner is right in front of my face looking hot.

5:39 — Girl Power! Connie Britton, Julianna Margulies and Carla Gugino shared some girl talk during a commercial break.

5:35 — The supporting cast of “Homeland” hangs back near our table and charges the stage when the show wins for Best TV Drama.

5:29 — Second commercial break and Jon Hamm runs into Sienna Miller on the way out of the ballroom. They then hang out together and share a cigarette. Guess all that smoking he does on “Mad Men” is the real deal.

5:22 — How funny would it be if Tina Fey came out dressed as Sarah Palin after Julianne Moore won her award.

5:11 — First commercial break and I might be hallucinating but I swear I saw “…Married with Children’s” David Faustino.

5:03 — “Sessions” nominee John Hawkes and “Breaking Bad’s” Aaron Paul share a warm hug & watch the show together.

4:58 — I would love to know what Mark Wahlberg and Diddy (?) Sean Combs (?) Puffy or whatever his name is now are talking about as they walk by together. Perhaps a rap duet in the making?

4:57 — Well this award show is getting off to a crazy good start. The very first person I see in the ballroom is Robert Pattinson. He walks right by my table but sadly doesn’t sit down next to me.

4:53 — Denzel Washington is the last to make his way up the red carpet… Oops take that back, it’s Sofia Vergara. She literally walks into the ballroom behind me.

4:45 — Jessica Lange reveals she will be back for one more incarnation of “American Horror Story” for Season 3.

4:25 — Helen Mirren is wearing the most insane stripper heels under her dress.

4:20 — Kristen Wiig denies doing any interviews saying “I’m just too cold, I’ve got to get in.”

4:20 The always gracious Anne Hathaway sends a wonderful messages to our troops overseas via the Armed Forces network. Just prior we gave her a best dressed compact and she high fived her husband afterwards.

4:15 — “Game Change” co-stars Sarah Paulson & Julianne Moore share a cute moment together on the red carpet. They share a love of online shopping

4:00 — Glenn Close wins the award for bravest. In her crazy long train she slowly climbs our staircase to do an interview with the Armed Forces Networks. I tell her she’s a trooper for the troops.

3:50 — Ladies and gentleman, NeNe Leakes. She arrives with her former husband whom she just got re-engaged to. “It cost me some vegetables!” Greg jokes. NeNe interjects, “You don’t go away and then come back without diamonds.” They are designing the ring now and it will be double the size of the last one.

3:46 — Nominee Benedict Cumberbatch from “Sherlock” admits he has seen Jonny Lee Miller playing the same character on “Elementary” and enjoys his version but muses that 75 others have played the character before.

3:40 — “Modern Family” stat Sarah Hyland tells me she chowed down on waffles this morning while getting ready. I told her she looked very va va voom and reminded me of a young Sofia Vergara tonight. She replies, “I’m Sarah Hyland” which makes me think perhaps she didn’t enjoy that comparison.

3:35 — I’m a little concerned Katharine McPhee’s boobs may pop out!

3:33 — “Homeland"s” Morena Baccarin nearly steps on the back of Megan Fox’s train. Brian Austin Green, who had been holding her purse, hands it back to her seemingly just slightly annoyed. How the heck did she pop out a baby! No sign of any belly leftover whatsoever.

3:29 — Johnny Galecki joked he looked more like John McCain then Captain Piccard in his bald cap from last week’s “Big Bang Theory”.

3:22 — “Modern Family’s” Nolan Gould explains how fans on Facebook picked his Brooks Brothers tuxedo and orange bow tie.

3:19 — “Homeland’s” Diego Klattenhoff has a good answer when I ask about rumors Damian Lewis may not return for season 3. “I’m not saying they are going to waterboard me but you are asking me all kinds of things I’m not allowed to answer.”

3:13 — Alyssa Milano reveals her husband is attending with Bradley Cooper tonight. She says it was hard to give up her date but Bradley was the Sexiest Man Alive at one point! This is the first time she has been to the Globes since 1991 “when she was four” she jokes.

3:10 — Nicole Richie stuns in a lace powder blue dress. I’m starting to think lace will be the big trend tonight.

3:05 — Debra Messing and Megan Hilty do interviews on our platform neither knowing the other is there. When Debra spots Megan they hug and Debra says, “I’m keeping it together, how are you?!” They take a self-portrait with an iPhone. Afterwards, Debra re-glosses and they are off to the next interview.

3:02 — “Big Bang Theory” star Kunal Nayyar reveals to me it took him 12 hours in makeup to shoot last week’s episode where he played “Star Trek: Next Generation’s” Worf.

3:00 “Big Bang Theory” star Melissa Rauch cracks me up when I mentioned I spotted her at the GBK gift lounge and wondered if that was a great benefit of being on a nominated show. “You know if you get a free hairspray out of it I"m not gonna turn it down!”

2:59 — Chatted with “Castle” star Nathan Fillion attending his first Globes, who tells me his goal for the night is to meet Glenn Close. The good news is he is presenting her award category tonight. So he jokes he is crossing his fingers she wins just so he can meet her and present the trophy.

2:52 — Miss Golden Globe Francesca Eastwood looks ravishing in a lace creme mermaid gown with a long train. A wee bit wedding-ish perhaps though. Her mom Francis Fisher follows proudly behind. She does a bang check with our producer Susan.

2:50 — The first person I spot arriving is “Smash” star Jack Davenport. Always sucks to be first out of the gate.

2:45 — Just got to the Globes red carpet. So nice to see a friend! Ran smack into “Bachelorette” star Ali Fedotowsky who is doing a segment for First Look Live From the Red Carpet on NBC. She’s looking stunning. She’s running around the red carpet with no shoes on while I suffer in my 5 inch silver Jimmy Choos.

-- Laura Saltman

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