Goldie Hawn’s Stress Secrets

In today’s Healthy Hollywood feature: Healthy Hollywood loves Goldie Hawn.

The iconic actress is everything you might expect; she’s bubbly, energetic, personable and above all into helping others. In other words, she’s a positive force to be reckoned with – love it!

Healthy Hollywood caught up with Goldie in New York City at Dr. Oz’s Health Corps gala, which supports his non-profit group dedicated to peer-mentoring and teaching under-privileged youth healthier lifestyle choices. The two announced their partnership to bring meditation into the classroom.

Goldie is a longtime practitioner, noting, “I’ve been doing it since the ‘70s. It is a way of calming your mind down, it’s a way of creating a single point of focus and it’s a way of creating tremendous equanimity where you understand your position with everyone else.”

Now, 68, she attributes meditation to much of her success and says it has helped ease her anxiety and help lead a happier, more stress-free life.

“It strengthens a lot of areas in your own life, your ability of resilience, kindness and it all happens with just an ability to quiet your mind and focus on one thing. It’s really medicinal and it is a Rx to a happy life,” Goldie says.

Now, through her Hawn Foundation, which helps promote children’s overall well-being, she created MindUP, which is teaching meditation and mindfulness to young kids and their teachers.

“When we talk about the idea of meditation, you know unfortunately children can’t spend that much time meditating in the classroom, so what we do is we call them brain breaks.

Every brain needs a break and we do it three times a day, so you actually habituate quieting down so that teachers are able to manage the classroom. The kids know to make better decisions. We want to create healthier kids and we also want to create more mindful kids,” explains Goldie.

Goldie has introduced the concept of mindfulness to over 150,000 kids worldwide. “It’s really groundbreaking and I’m watching these kids flourish. I’m also watching all these school districts and people starting to take on the understanding of what we’re doing.”

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