Gordon Ramsay Talks Simon Cowell, Heading To ‘Idol’?

On Thursday night’s “American Idol,” Ryan Seacrest asked Simon Cowell about recent criticism that he’s been too mean with some of the show’s Season 9 hopefuls, something the British judge rejected.

“I didn’t think I was actually,” Simon told Ryan. “Look… I’ve said this a million times, if you’re going to judge the show, you’ve got to try and be honest and help them and give them some advice. That’s all it was.”

In fact, it’s Simon’s bluntness that has helped made him a reality television phenomenon. So with Simon gearing up to depart the show at the end of this season, Access Hollywood asked reality TV’s other Mr. Mean, a man known for terrifying and inspiring would-be chefs into greatness — Gordon Ramsay — who he thinks should take over for his fellow Brit.

“Who should replace him? It’s a very tough call that. I don’t think Simon is replaceable to be honest,” Gordon told Access as he celebrated the filming of the 100th episode of “Hell’s Kitchen,” which returns to FOX later this year. “You need someone like Jamie Foxx to be talented, Will Smith, you know, [someone] incredibly clever, great voice and sort of someone that could be… of the moment and sort of inspire them. It’s going to be a very tough call to replace Simon Cowell.”

Gordon has plenty to keep him busy — he currently has the latest season of “Kitchen Nightmares” following “Idol” on Thursdays and he’s taping “Hell’s Kitchen,” but should the opportunity arise, a la Quentin Tarantino, he wouldn’t mind joining the “Idol” fold as a temporary guest.

“Right now I’ve got a schedule beyond belief. Yeah, I’d do ‘Idol’ one day. Brilliant,” Gordon said when Access asked him if he’d consider stopping by for a week. “As a guest judge yeah, definitely.”

There would, however, be one issue backstage.

“I definitely wouldn’t eat the food after,” he quipped. “Have you seen the food behind the set? It’s f***ing disgusting!”

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