Gossip Of The Week: The Jonas Brothers

What on earth is going on with the Jonas Brothers? And why are they breaking up so publicly?

AccessHollywood.com examines the band’s saga in this week’s celebrity gossip roundup…

Earlier this month, the former Disney stars announced they were canceling their 19-date tour at the last minute. This week, they’ve deleted the Jonas Brothers’ official Twitter account.

This sadly only implies one thing to an entertainment journalist like me: Kevin, 25, Joe, 24, and Nick, 21, could be splitting for good.

The big announcement came on Oct. 9 when their rep revealed to the media that creative differences had developed and had caused a “deep rift within the band.” When we followed up for a deeper explanation, Access Hollywood was told that the three siblings would not be doing interviews.

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It’s been nada, since.

A few theories about the musical act’s disintegration emerged over the last couple days. (1) Paparazzi sold pictures of Joe and Kevin hanging out with an addiction specialist named Mike Bayer at the famed Chateau Marmont Tuesday night. On Wednesday, a gossip blog claimed that Joe was dealing with a drug habit and that Nick and Kevin just wanted him to get healthy, which may have been the primary reason behind the axed concerts. Spokesman Jesse Derris later cleared up the drug rumors, telling Entertainment Tonight, “There is no truth to it whatsoever.” (2) A second theory involved the timing of Kevin’s wife’s pregnancy, which the JoBro camp also has denied. (3) Lastly, Joe told reporters at a red carpet event this week that he is interested in pursuing acting, but did not comment about whether it was related to the group’s undoing.

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Not satisfied with the speculation, I decided to do some research on my own.

I was finally presented with an insider’s account by Caroline D’Amore, whom I had the pleasure of interviewing on Wednesday. The “American Girl” DJ was supposed to open for the Jonas Brothers starting this month at the Orpheum Theater in Boston. But like their fans, she too was informed quite late in the game that the tour was off.

“I found out via e-mail through the tour manager,” Caroline explained during our interview, of the band’s tour cancellation. “No one saw it coming.”

The former model said she was in the midst of finalizing staging and had already shipped her equipment to the concert’s first venue when news of the split surfaced.

WATCH: Caroline D’Amore On The Jonas Brothers Tour Cancellation

“So what happened?” I kept pressing. “Was it low ticket sales?”

“I honestly don’t know,” Caroline repeated. “No one would cancel a day before the tour if it wasn’t serious.”

Hearing this, I realize that the Jonas Brothers’ disappearing act had come full circle. Whatever it is that led to the band’s demise really was an abrupt thing — something so intense that the tween heartthrobs would abandon the success of five hit records.

With new reports that the tour cancelation could cost the pop rock band millions that their insurance policy might not cover, I am really starting to get that whatever the issue is, it’s worth incurring a massive financial loss over.

This is not your typical brotherly spat. In my opinion, the breakup actually demonstrates the opposite of fighting: it’s an expression of solidarity among the siblings that they’re willing to abandon something they love because at least one of them is not in a good place.

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To quote their 2008 hit, “This is an S.O.S.” — and sadly, there won’t be a rescue with this scenario, except maybe the truth. We may have to wait until their Vegas revue for that one.

-- Genevieve Wong

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