‘Graceland’: Vanessa Ferlito On Mike’s Return, Charlie’s Troubles

“Graceland” returns with the premiere of its second season Wednesday night, and the house of undercover agents is about to get a visit from an old friend.

Mike Warren (Aaron Tveit) is headed back to Malibu from Washington, D.C., and he’s about to ruffle feathers in his former home.

“Oh, he comes back and he’s on one,” Vanessa Ferlito (who plays Charlie on “Graceland”) told AccessHollywood.com. “He’s such a d*** when he comes back. He comes back and he’s like, ‘I’m running the house,’ and we’re like, ‘All right…’ and he’s kind of like forcing people to do things they don’t wanna do — especially Charlie.”

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Charlie will begin the season on shaky ground in many ways. Personally, she’s trying to deal with having been fooled and nearly killed by Jangles (who pretended he was an agent from Mexico, when in fact, he was the lethal Cartel member) at the end of Season 1. She’s also feeling guilty over Juan Badillo’s death (Jangles was blamed, even though it was actually Briggs), and for thinking that Briggs was Odin (which he is, but she doesn’t know that).

“It’s a little complicated. [At] the beginning of the season, she’s a little unsure of herself. She’s feeling insecure, she’s feeling stupid, she’s feeling guilty. I mean, the Odin thing was never settled. They proved that it was Jangles – you saw what Briggs did,” Vanessa said, referring to how Briggs framed Jangles by putting Juan Badillo’s key on the killer’s trophy key ring. “What is she going to do? She feels terrible.”

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Vanessa said Charlie will be slowing down on her undercover work as she tries to cope with the events of Season 1.

“Charlie’s like one of the best undercover agents in the house, [but] she kind of takes the backseat a little bit. The boys are pushing her — they’re trying to get her to do certain things. And Briggs is like, ‘What’s going on with you? Why aren’t you going in?’ And she’s like, ‘How can I go in? I’m feeling so unsure of myself. I almost got you arrested.’ So she’s trying to [take] the backseat a little bit.”

But (minor spoiler alert, here), while professionally, Charlie is approaching things timidly, she’s making a bold move in her romantic life.

“Briggs and Charlie are giving it another go,” Vanessa said.

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Mike, however, could throw a wrench into the works.

“He knows that Briggs and I are dating, like serious, and right away, he’s like, ‘What about Odin? Like, you’re over that?’ And Charlie’s like, ‘Don’t f***ing come back here stirring sh** up.’ Like, ‘I want to forget about that,’” Vanessa said. “You saw what she went through [last season]. She shot heroin, she was a mess, and here he comes, you know, everything’s been quiet and here he comes trying to stir the pot and he does stir the pot.

“But, Charlie and Mike are always very tight,” Vanessa continued. “She’s always backed him up. She’s always loved Mike. This season she still loves him, but he’s pushing her and she’s feeling a little bit out of her comfort zone. … She’s very uneasy about the choices she made last year. The messed up thing is, she was right. She was right about everything.”

“Graceland” returns for its second season on Wednesday night at 10/9c on USA.

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