Grant Gustin: ‘Glee’ Fans Haven’t Seen The Last Of Sebastian Smythe

Sebastian Smythe had even his Dalton Academy Warblers turning against him after throwing a rock salt slushie in the face of Blaine Anderson on Tuesday night’s “Glee,” and Grant Gustin, who plays the show’s new bad boy, said fans haven’t seen the last of him.

“I have filmed some since the Michael Jackson episode,” he told’s Laura Saltman on Wednesday morning when he visited the Access studios. “I’m in the process of filming an episode right now with the cast. He’s got a fun little return. I will not tell you what it is, but he’s got a fun return.”

Grant’s episode was headline-making for a host of reasons and not just because of the possibility he’s blinded his crush Blaine, with the slushie-with-a-mean-twist.

“Sebastian meant to hit Kurt [Hummel] and Blaine jumps in the way,” Grant said. “I have no idea romantically where that storyline is going. I’m on the edge of my seat, just like everyone else, waiting to see where that goes.”

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It also was the Michael Jackson-themed tribute episode and Grant said he found out early on in his “Glee” career that he was taking on a much larger role in the installment in the high school-based drama.

“I was actually in Virginia at the time. I was taking a short little break and I was visiting family after I had finished filming my first episode and I got a call asking to be in the studio like, the next day and when they told me what I was singing, I freaked out,” Grant told Laura. “’I Want You Back’ was one of the songs that was cut and that was one of my favorite songs growing up — my mom’s favorite song when she was a kid. So that was very surreal and I’m still stoked that I got to do it.”

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“I Want You Back,” may not have made the show – it’s available on iTunes now – but Grant is hopeful one day fans will be able to see the scene.

“It was pretty much just The Warblers being, ‘Look how awesome we are!’ Pretty much just trying to scare the New Directions into thinking we’re better,” he said.

One of his songs that did make Tuesday’s broadcast was “Smooth Criminal,” opposite Naya Rivera as Santana.

“That was definitely… my favorite day of filming,” Grant told Laura.

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“Glee” is Grant’s first venture into television and he revealed that Darren Criss, who plays Blaine – and was a “Glee” newcomer at one point himself, actually played big brother during his first day at work.

“My first day, Darren kind of gave me TV 101, basically. I had never been on a TV set, so he kind of gave me the lowdown on everyone’s job, what was going on, but he was very, very clear that he wasn’t demeaning me, he just wanted to give me the advice that he thought I needed,” Grant explained. “And I was like, ‘No! Please, bro! Give me the advice.’

“Since then, they’ve all kind of let me do my own thing and I sit back and watch them and learn as much as I can from the cast,” he said.

“Glee” airs Tuesday’s at 8/7c on FOX.

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