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April is Earth month. It’s a month devoted to raising awareness about our planet and how we can live a more eco-friendly life. Green guru and author of “Do It Gorgeously,” Sophie Uliano, is a big believer in eco-friendly beauty products that will make us and our planet healthier.

“Our skin absorbs 50% of what we apply to it, so it’s important to know what’s inside products we use. Many brands use artificial ingredients that may not be the best choice for our skin, and they’re used because they are cheap. Like food where heavily processed, products contain a lot of additives and preservatives to extend shelf-life and make the product look and taste better, it’s the same with personal care products,” adds Sophie.

Hormone disruption, allergies, and chronic inflammation are some of the effects of using low quality personal care products. “We all need to make it a practice to read the ingredient list and know what to look for. I also recommend that consumers look at the brand/company at large. Visit their website, and check out their philosophy and other products, too. I always see a red flag if they don’t supply a full ingredient list,” advises Sophie.

To get started on a greener beauty routine, Sophie suggests to Health Hollywood a few must-do beauty swaps.

  1. Switch out any face creams that contain mineral oil for a cream that contains natural plant oils and butters, such as shea butter, grape seed oil etc.
  2. Buy a natural whitening toothpaste instead of the brands that contain bleach and a host of other unhealthy chemicals.
  3. Switch out your foundation for a non-irritating brand that contains loads of nourishing ingredients.
  4. Choose fragrance-free body lotions and deodorants because it’s the fragrance that can contain over 100 synthetic chemicals that may not be good for your health.

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