‘Grimm’ Star David Giuntoli Spills Show Secrets, Answers Fan Questions

Audiences have fallen head over red hoods for “Grimm,” following David Giuntoli’s Det. Nick Burkhardt as he fights to maintain the balance between mankind and the mythological alongside his now-trusted Blutbad pal, Monroe (Silas Weir Mitchell).

Fresh off the show’s second season pickup, David stopped by Access Hollywood this week to answer our burning questions about the intriguingly eerie NBC hit.

First up on our list, what’s the story behind Captain Renard’s questionable allegiance and why has Nick — a seemingly all-seeing Grimm — been blind to his involvement with the hidden world?

“I think we’ve learned that the police captain is from a line of royalty,” David told AccessHollywood.com’s Laura Saltman on Wednesday, when asked if Captain Renard (Sasha Roiz) is strictly human. “I still don’t fully know if he’s fully human — he’s definitely a part of the other world.”

If he’s part of “the other world,” why hasn’t his true identity been detected by Nick?

“The good thing about ‘Grimm’ is these things get revealed to us at the very same time that they get revealed to the viewer,” he explained. “I don’t think [Capt. Renard] is actually a Wesen, as they’re called. I think he probably looks like a human to [Nick].”

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From last week’s episode, we know that war is coming, as a battle is brewing amongst the Wesen Resistance and The Veratt.

Keeping the peace during a full-scale fight between the groups would be a seemingly insurmountable feat for a solo Grimm, so will Nick ever find another like him to help shoulder the weight?

“I believe that yes, there are [more of us],” David told Laura. “The way I see Grimms, they are as endangered as polar bears, but they’re out there, you know? Because I’ll often hear of certain Grimms getting killed, like another Grimm got beheaded in Antwerp.

“We’re a dying breed because these Wesen want to keep killing us,” he added. “So, we’re very much on the endangered species list.”

Characters who initially appear to be human are constantly morphing into creatures (Wesen) on the show, so we wanted to know if Nick’s likeness is seen differently by creatures versus humans and how they instinctively recognize he’s a Grimm.

“They know I’m a Grimm because when they go through this emotional surge, when they change, I react to them changing and I call them out on it,” David told Laura. “Originally, in the beginning episodes, I was horrified by these morphs and no person is supposed to be able to see that except for Grimm. So, they knew it was me by me reacting to them.”

Adding, “Now, they are kind of hearing there is a Grimm out there.”

And finally, will Nick ever reveal his Grimm truth to his girlfriend/would-be fiancee Juliette?

“Keep on watching,” David said with a coy smile. “Just keep on watching.”

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Watch the drama unfold on “Grimm” – Friday nights at 9/8c on NBC.

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