‘Grimm’: What To Expect In The Season 6 Premiere

“Grimm” is back for its sixth and final season on
Friday night, and things are starting off in a familiar spot.

“In keeping with ‘Grimm’ tradition … you couldn’t fit a
frame of film in between the end of last season and the beginning of this
one,” David Giuntoli, who plays Nick Burkhardt, told AccessHollywood.com
on the show’s Portland set in early December.

That means that the gang is stuck underground, unaware if
their friend Nick is still alive.

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“We’re in the tunnels — the whole Scooby gang, minus
Nick — and I think Trubel is concerned about Nick. That’s her No. 1, that’s
her family, that’s the person that took her in and kind of showed her how to
live and be a citizen of the world, sort of, and she was always living on the
outskirts previous to that. So it’s a little bit of conflict to go back for
Nick or not and he’s facing off with Renard,” Jacqueline Toboni said.

For Rosalee (Bree Turner) and Monroe (Silas Weir Mitchell),
they’re feeling like things are bleak.

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“We’re in the tunnel seconds after I tell him I’m
pregnant and we’re basically going to die,” Bree said of how Rosalee feels
when the show premieres at 8/7c. “And we’re trying to get out of the

“And I’m trying to help you keep your chin up. … I’m a glass half full
kind of guy,” Silas added.

In last year’s Season 5 finale, Nick had a moment before the group hit the tunnels with Eve (Bitsie Tulloch), where he thought he saw Juliette come
through. And it sounds like that could be a struggle for Eve in the episodes

“Throughout the course of Season 6, there is a sort of
push and pull with like, being Juliette, but I think she feels a little more
comfortable being Eve now and there is a resolution toward the end where she
sort of, not necessarily an eloquent way of saying it, but she sort of chooses
one person to be for the most part and acknowledges that there will always be
that other one too,” Bitsie said. “But, she chooses a certain

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Renard may have saved Nick at the end of last season for
reasons he’s still figuring out, but he is going to continue to be a problem
for the gang going forward.

“He is definitely a problem,” Reggie Lee, who
plays Sgt. Wu, told Access. “There are other things that are going to be a
bigger problem than him. So, it’s interesting
the trajectory of the season. [What] I thought [would happen] at the end of the
fifth season was like, ‘Oh they’re going to go at it and they’re going to be
the main things,’ but there are other things in play, like children in

As in Renard and Adalind’s daughter Diana, who has already
killed people?

“She has become very prominent and it’s so funny
because she’s so freaky and so cute at the same time that it’s so appropriate,
but she is a major player,” Reggie added.

And that means her parents will need to figure out what to
do about their daughter.

“She’s proving to be quite the handful,” Sasha
Roiz, who plays Sean Renard, said. “I don’t think either one of us –
Adalind or Renard – understood how powerful she would become. And she’s become
unruly almost in her power. She’s not a bad kid, she’s just a kid with way too
much power and she doesn’t know how to control it and that’s just become the
challenge this season, especially as it progresses.”

Claire Coffee, who plays Adalind, said her character and
Renard will address the developing Diana situation.

“[A]s the season progresses, they have to figure out a
way to work together because of Diana,” she said.

David said Diana is a threat, but not on purpose.

“Diana is just pound-for-pound just the most aimless
moral compass,” he said. “I don’t think she’s trying to be evil in
any way, she just kind of does whatever she wants — this kind of unformed,
childlike brain with way too much power. So yeah, she’s a danger in that way.”

“I think [Nick respects] Diana the way I respect the
sea, just like, it can kill me. There’s a lot of love there, but let’s handle
it with some reverence,” he added.

And there’s one more thing to consider – the stick!

“We learn a lot more about the stick and if its power
is good or evil and where its loyalty lies, so the stick becomes a big
character in Season 6,” Jacqueline said.

“Grimm” returns Friday night at 8/7c on NBC.

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