‘Grimm’s’ Silas Weir Mitchell Says Season Finale Ripe With ‘Cliffhangers’

As reformed big bad wolf (aka Blutbad) Monroe, “Grimm” star Silas Weir Mitchell has become quite the fan favorite as he puts his knowledge of the mythological to good use alongside Det. Nick Burkhardt, a Grimm (David Giuntoli).

Now, as “Grimm” wraps up its first season and gets ready to begin their 22-episode second season, Silas stopped by Access Hollywood to dish the dirt on the season finale, saying fans should prepare for multiple cliffhangers on the NBC hit.

“Cliffhangers in the plural is the case with our last couple of episodes,” Silas told AccessHollywood.com’s Laura Saltman on Monday. “There are a lot of perilous situations and every storyline has kind of a cliffhanger.

“There’s about four or five different storylines and each one ends with a question mark of varying intensity,” he added, with a coy smile.

Following the fast-approaching season finale – set to air on May 18 — the cast of “Grimm” will get a quick five-week hiatus to regroup before returning to the Portland, OR set.

“We started late for the first season… the problem is now, they want to start us a little early in the second year, [so] we’re pretty squeezed,” he told Laura. “[I’m] traveling, actually, a little bit just to see family – going around the country for a couple weeks. But mostly just trying to relax and sort of unwind, but at the same time, get prepared.”

Fortunately for Silas, when he returns for Season 2, the actor won’t spend too much time in the makeup chair to achieve his Blutbad look, as producers had the forethought to film the actor in reusable stances during his initial work-up.

“I’ve only had to do that full regalia one time,” he explained of his werewolf makeup. “It was for the episode where the girl was trapped in the tree house and we had a sort of Blutbad morph-up in the forest… What they did was, while I was in the makeup for that episode, they put me on a green screen and shot me in a bunch of various kind of attitudes and behaviors and then they try to use some of that when they can… it’s just too time consuming [otherwise].”

“Grimm” airs Fridays at 9/8c on NBC.

--Erin O’Sullivan

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