Grunge Goddess (Glam Slam)

I was at local school street fair recently watching the endless parade of parents and what they were wearing. There is definitely an unofficial uniform… skinny jeans, booties, striped tees and lots and lots of army jackets!

I know I am guilty of throwing on some variation of this outfit constantly.

But there was one mom in particular who stood out to me. I wouldn’t say she caught my attention because she was model gorgeous or anything like that. I would describe her as striking though.

She was wearing a plaid shirt, super skinny jeans and Havaianas. Nothing too fashion forward or special about that.

Her hair was long and down and didn’t look like it had seen a brush in days. I know that feeling! It was very obvious her hair had not been washed. In fact, it looked kind of greasy.

But somehow it worked in a very Kate Moss (pictured) kind of way. This mom was a grunge goddess… stroller and all.

And like Kate, she made grunge actually look glamorous.

I guess it’s the difference between people who rock “bed head hair” or “beach waves,” while my hair just looks messy and dirty. Some people pull off cool and nonchalant, while others look sloppy.

I think I fall into the latter category — ha ha!

Johnny Depp, Brad Pitt and Colin Farrell all fall into the male side of the grungy hot mess category.

As for that mom… I’m not sure if she knew she exuded a certain sort of fabulousness or, if she was just a typical mom like so many other moms, who doesn’t have time for herself. Either way, it works for her.

-- Ryan Patterson

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